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The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method that is highly used in digital marketing which is primarily aimed to increase a website's rankings on a search engine's results.

It is developed by digital marketers as a strong and viable strategy for businesses and corporations who are aiming to impose effective marketing in the digital world and in order for them to increase their site's traffic and convert it to customers in return will become a key factor to their sales and revenue growth.

To help you understand the importance of SEO and its type of technique and strategy in digital marketing, here is a little overview that might be helpful for you.

Search engine primarily provides a user a vast of information of the keyword they input on the search tab. It provides the user an unbiased results for information purposes in a faster, more accurate and convenient way.

Search engines need all of the information relevant to the key word entered on its search tab and that is where SEO enters. It provides all of the relevant information like contents, links to separate websites and contact details to the search engine consistently, rapidly and in huge numbers in order for that specific site to improve its rankings in the search engine and reach the first page of the search engine.

SEO can analyze and arrange tons of data properly in just a split second, unlike conventional media advertisements that takes a lot of time and resources in order for it to be publicized. SEO uses the components such as H1 tags, backlinks, permalinks, keyword density, content and the website meta description that will be used to produce relevant information to boost the website's placing in the search engine.

To learn more about the different components that is used in SEO; here is a quick overview but you can also visit this link for more details.

  • Backlinks- It is the link that is provided by the main website that can be browsed through the provided URL. The more backlinks a website has, it creates a bigger chance for the site to increase its rankings in the search engine.
  • Permalinks- It is the permanent URL of the site. This is where the keywords are used to generate leads by the SEO that will be utilized to optimize the site.
  • Website meta description- This is the hyper text markup language (HTML) description from the website that includes the keywords that will be used by the target audience or consumer to search for your site.
  • Keyword Density- is the number of times that the keyword was used by the audience to search your site on the search engine. It is important to mention the keywords aside from other components and the entire body of the site's content. This is also the time to use synonymous keywords that will be linked to your site's content.
  • H1 Tags- This is the large headers of the site's content. Meaning; this is the title of the site's content. This is the primary keyword that appears in a search engine that is why it is essential to optimize the closest keywords related to the site's content.
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