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A fresh air can rejuvenate the weary body and mind instantly. Like other natural resources, it also has a great significance in the human life. The natural wind is healthy and refreshing for the body and regulates the heat in the house. Mainly, you can relish the natural air in the countryside only as urban houses do not facilitate fresh air to the people. At present, urban houses are small and tightly packed and hence, they lack cross ventilation in their areas. The cross ventilation is not only required for breathing fresh air but also for minimizing cost and energy consumption.

To create cross ventilation in your home follow the below-mentioned tips from interior design companies.

1. Sunlight for the Room
The main reason why cross ventilation required is to light up the entire room. Herein, to light up the room you don't require any artificial medium such as electricity, but proper cross ventilation system. To ensure the entrance of sufficient sunlight, form or install the skylight in the room. Skylight is a custom-designed wood frame that is installed close to the ceiling and adjacent to the wall that is frontally faced. While installing the frame, ask your residential interior designer to make arrangements so that you can open the frame easily.

Addition of frame will change the entire interior look of the room. It will showcase variant styles and patterns of sunlight throughout the day. Furthermore, the frame will turn useful in all seasons, whether it is summer, winter or monsoon.

2. Replace the Wall with the Sliding Doors
To enhance the ambiance of the house, add wall-sized sliding doors into the room. Remove an entire wall of the room especially that faces towards the garden. Install sliding windows into the room that is as long and as wide as the concrete wall. Herein, the glass door will provide fresh air in the room, and bestow serene view of the garden.

Also, take the help of interior design companies to finalize which door design will go with your room. The interior design companies will aid you throughout the process.
Follow the above-mentioned tips to create cross ventilation at a shoe-string budget.