Anna Preston
by on April 2, 2018
Those who choose to be a carer, be it professionally or for family members, are extraordinary people. Deciding to dedicate yourself to the needs of others is a selfless and courageous choice, and there will always be people who need help. There are many avenues open to carers in terms of job opportunities, but one of the most rewarding and valuable prospects is that of being a live-in carer.

What is a live in care job?

Live in care jobs, as the name suggests, require the person to move into the home of the person they are caring for, enabling them to be available at all times of the day and night. This in term gives the elderly person being cared for the peace of mind that they have a presence in the home for help with many day-to-day tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and getting to appointments.

Why do it?

As a live-in carer, there are a wealth of benefits that you will gain that you wouldn’t get in other areas of the care sector. Firstly, you have the opportunity to build up a close relationship to the person you are caring for. You will be a member of the household, and perhaps become almost like one of the family. You will, however, be entitled to have your own space in the home, as you will have your own room and internet access – this is a mandatory requirement for all live-in carers. Your contract will also allow you to have eight hours of sleep per night, with time off permitted in the day if you are required to assist the client in the night. Being in such close proximity to the person you are caring for will mean you are able to build up a rapport and begin to anticipate their needs. When being matched up to a potential client, similar tastes and attitudes will be taken into consideration in order for you to have a better working relationship. As an alternative to working in a residential care home, providing home care services means you are not expected to adhere to their restricted and regimented schedule. You can help the client prepare food when they want to eat, you can help them get to see their friends when they want, and help them to be comfortable in their own homes. The sense of familiarity that elderly people have from being able to be cared for at home will be an advantage to both of you. Being a live-in carer not only benefits the client, but you personally as well. Living in the home of the person you are caring for will reduce your outgoings in terms of rent payments, utility bills and transport costs. You will get expert training and advice on how to best care for the elderly in their home, and gain valuable experience to enhance your vocation as a live-in carer. A career as a live-in carer is demanding and challenging, but at the same time is extremely valued and rewarding.
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