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by on April 4, 2018

Losing weight is not just to look sexy. It is a way to stay healthy and avoid different diseases that being overweight can cause. However, it is not easy for most to lose weight in a safe way while hitting a target day. In fact, a lot have failed and got even heavier and experienced more illnesses.

So, how can you lose weight fast and safely? Here are some great advices from experts.

Avoid Sugary and Starchy Foods

Sugar and starch or carbs are the biggest enemies of people who want to lose weight. Not only do these ingredients increase the risk of diseases when consumed in big amounts, they also become stored fat in your body. When you start cutting back on these two your body would burn carbs to be used for energy. Also, you would not be craving for foods with high calories that often anymore. You would be able to lose up to ten pounds in only a few weeks if you become strict with your sugar and starch intake. You would notice that your appetite will be suppressed and your insulin levels will also be lowered.

If you are not strong enough to resist eating foods high in starch and sugar, you can try some supplements. A natural appetite suppressant supplement would help you get rid of your cravings for such foods.

Track What You Eat

It is important to measure and monitor your food intake if you want to lose weight fast. You do not need to completely remove meat in your diet and be a vegan. You only have to make sure that you eat the right amounts of food you put on your plate. Fiber, protein, and healthy fats should be included in your meals. You should also track your eating time and frequency. Many dieters eat small meals more often. Meal replacements are also good to control your calorie intake.

Make a plan after talking to your doctor and a nutritionist to make sure that you are still getting the nutrients that your body needs to keep you healthy.

Lift Weights and Exercise

Exercising would help you burn the calories and unwanted fats in your body. But, if you really want to lose weight fast, it is recommended by many experts to start lifting weights. Lifting weights is not just for people who want to build muscles. Weight-lifting would help your body burn even more calories than your regular exercises. Also, it would help your metabolism function faster.

If you have some medical conditions that are preventing you from lifting weights, you can go for cardio exercises such as cycling, swimming, circuit training, running or jogging. However, these exercises work slower than lifting weights.

When trying to lose weight, diet and exercise always go hand in hand. To make sure that you are doing it without risking your health, you should always consider the condition your body is in, your eating habits, and your medical state. You should talk to a trainer or an expert in weight loss programs to assist you makes a plan that would best fit you.

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