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Laughter is one of the best medicines we can take against any kind of pain or discomfort: stress, anxiety, depression, sadness... besides being a fantastic companion when we suffer other more serious illnesses.
With laughter we are filled with courage and courage to face anything. It is very important to laugh for our health and well-being, proof of this is the fact that laughter therapy workshops are becoming more and more abundant in our society.
Because laughing is very beneficial for our body and mind and is very important in our lives. I will explain to you what the 5 benefits of laughter are for our health and our personal well-being.
1. Laughter releases endorphins: neurotransmitters from our body that make us feel happy and lower our stress levels. These are released with the simple movement of the muscles of the face that we make by smiling.
2. Cortisol is reduced: As endorphin levels increase, cortisol (the stress hormone) is reduced. That's why when we laugh we feel less overwhelmed and stressed. We feel happier with laughter.
3. Our lungs expand: thanks to laughter our lungs expand more. The oxygen in our cells is replenished and we feel much more relieved and vital to face our day.
4. Our muscles relax: with laughter, the brain receives relaxing signals that release our whole body from the tension that lives in our daily lives and our muscles relax.
5. We are much more positive: if we laugh more, we will be giving our body and mind a continuous positive message and that will make us feel better and fill us with positive energy to face anything with humor.
But if there's one thing that has laughter, it's its power to catch it. If we smile at someone we will be transmitting them all the good things that laughter benefits us and they will not be able to avoid smiling too. Spreading laughter to each other and making the lives of the people around us happier.
Can you imagine that while you wait for the bus, someone starts laughing without being able to stop and for no apparent reason? What would you do? In Spiritually we propose you to watch this video, to see if you are able to see it without laughing. We already assured you that it will be almost impossible to hold your laughter.
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