Lois Baker
by on April 10, 2018

Writer’s block is every writer’s enemy; the terror of experiencing creative block can happen to anyone from time to time. 

But, how does writer’s block starts?

According to the medical experts, both the left and the right side of the brain are experiencing oversimplification. Physiologically, the right brain is responsible for generating original and creative words and ideas; the left side, on the other hand, is analytically responsible for editing whatever the right brain had created.

However, when a person is suffering from creative block, the left side of the brain is starting to take control over the writer’s creativity, warding off possible mistakes and making the right side of the brain unable to function well.

So, if you have writer's block and suffering from it more often than the usual, here are some tips to on how to overcome creative block efficiently like a professional:

1.    Breathe

Do not be too hard on yourself, because the more you push it, the more you become mentally stressful, which can result in writers block

If you are experiencing it now, what you need to do is stop whatever you are doing. Then, do something else that could trigger your creative side of the brain to function properly; for instance, try watching videos that emphasize creativity and arts.

Then, by the time you find yourself mentally calm and had enough time to breathe, try to go back to whatever you were working. According to the experts, exercising the creative part of your brain by jumping to another project that exemplifies creativity can tap you back to the flow of your writing.

2.     Practice free writing every day

One of the best ways to overcome writer’s block is by practicing free writing every day. Before you start your work as a blog writer, try to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes of free writing, which excludes the rules of punctuation, spelling, and even grammar. Remember, you are trying to separate the analytical editing function of your left brain from the creative function of your right brain. 

3.    Eliminate distraction

One of the biggest factors that can trigger writer’s block is a distraction. 
To finish all your tasks for the day, try to eliminate distractions such as your mobile phone, using the internet, and other distracting things. Also, to have the determination to finish all of your tasks of the day, you have to clear all the cluttered things on your workstation.

4.    Always have enough sleep

Sleep is one of the most effective ways of overcoming writer’s block.

Mentally, you need to rest, because failing to do so affect one’s mental and physical health. Also, according to the experts, the sleep allows your mind and body to regenerate a new sense of strength.

5.    Try to recall your goal as a writer

Look back and try to recall the reasons why you want to start to blog; make your goal as your everyday inspiration, then instinctively your mind and body will start to reconnect your desire to write. 

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