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by on April 11, 2018

Are you planning to buy a supplement for your kidneys?

Well, you should only trust Chancella Kidney, one of the most trusted and effective kidney health supplements you will find in the market. 

Why should you buy one? 

That is simple, below is a detailed discussion about the product and the benefits that you can reap from taking one capsule a day.

What is Chancella Kidney?

Chancella Kidney is one of the most effective and trusted supplement formulated by Biovy, a trusted pharmaceutical company who promotes and formulates safe and world class vitamins and popular supplements. The Chancella Kidney promotes better kidney health by maintaining the healthy function of the urinary system and regulating the levels of salts and urinary crystals to normal for both men and women. 

Vitamin B6

It is one of vitamin B complex which is also known as pyridoxine. It helps the nervous system and the brain healthy. Furthermore, the function of vitamin B6 to the kidneys is unique. According to medical experts, the vitamin B6 plays a huge part in decreasing the production of oxalate production. Calcium oxalate kidney stones are one of the biggest factors that can cause kidney failure.

Magnesium Citrate

As mentioned, the overproduction of calcium oxalate can cause to form kidney stones; eventually, it could affect the normal function of the kidneys. Similar to vitamin d benefits, the magnesium citrate was medically proven to reduce the production of calcium, necessary for binding to oxalate, through binding itself with calcium. Thus, with enough magnesium citrate in the body, there are lesser chances of calcium oxalate formation.

Inositol Hexaphosphate

The IP-6 or also known as Phytic Acid has similar function with vitamin b6 and magnesium citrate to the kidneys, where it helps reduce the levels of urinary calcium and reduces the risk of calcium oxalate kidney stone formation.    

Chanca Piedra

The Chanca Piedra or known as the “stone breaker” have been around for centuries in traditional medicine. According to several herbalists, the Chanca Piedra is proven to eliminate kidney stones by softening and smoothening the texture and structure of the kidney stones. Also, it helps the ureter to relax, allowing the stones to pass through the urine easily and without experiencing pain. 

Nigella Sativa Extract

The Nigella Sativa or also known as the “black seed” is one of many herbal used for several centuries to cure several diseases; in fact, during the early days of the Lord, the Nigella Sativa is known as the “Blessed Seed”. 

In the case of kidney problems, the black seed has a potent effect on kidney stones. Its extract eliminates the chances of kidney stone formation. Additionally, the extract provides efficient protection to the kidneys against kidney injury.

Final Thoughts

There are several health benefits of taking Chancella Kidney supplements; other than taking your kidney’s health to the optimal level, taking the supplement every day reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems. Since urinary problems have a huge effect on cardiovascular health, adding the supplement to your dietary regime will give you overall wellness.

If you want to buy only the original, make sure to purchase them at trusted sites and shops. 

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