Anna Preston
by on April 12, 2018
A disorganised storage unit is extremely stressful to manage. Find out how to organise it so everything you need it always within easy reach. Self storage units are nightmares when they are disorganised. The space is amazing if you need extra square footage to store hobby items, business items or seasonal items. However, clutter in there and lots of boxes without labels can be a nightmare you want to avoid. This isn't right, because that means you'll be paying for a space you either don't need or that you don't make the most of. Don't worry though, help is here! With these tips, you'll be organising your storage unit like a pro in no time: Declutter and Reorganise Take a day or a weekend to get the space organised. You might be putting it off but, you're paying for it so, it needs to happen. You'll feel so much better after it is done. Start by having a declutter of the space. Ditch anything you don't want any more by donating it, chucking it or selling it. Once that is done, you can organise what you have left. Try to put the items into category piles or areas so you can then pack them accordingly and label them easily. Anything you use regularly needs to be easy to access, whereas long term storage items can be based deep within the unit. You may find out after you have decluttered that you need a smaller storage space, so perhaps wait on placing items until you move to another space. Your storage provider can help you find the right unit size for your needs. Make an Inventory One of the best things you can do to ensure your unit is supremely organised is to make an inventory. You can do this on a spreadsheet, in a notepad or just in notes on your phone. Whatever is easiest for you. You need to list what the item is, what type of item it is, when you put it in storage, and where it is in the unit. You could number each box and list everything associated with that number box, or you could just list every item individually. Keep It Organised Once you have completed the organisation process and the inventory it is so important to keep it all up to date. Everytime you take something out or put something in update your inventory and try to keep any clutter well away from the unit. Forming a few good organisation habits will help ensure you are placing your money into something that you actually enjoy using. These easy tips are all you need to ensure your self storage unit is well organised and that you are getting the most from this extra space you pay for. It isn't much effort but it will bring you big rewards long term, especially if you move things in and out of your unit regularly.
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