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Gua Sha massage parlor madrid is just one of the earliest healing techniques made use of by mankind as well as is unfamiliar in the Western world. Rubbing or scratching the skin will certainly have a high therapeutic value for greater than one hundred conditions.

Around the Ming Empire (1368-1644), Chang Ching Yueh described this technique in a book: "The inside of the body is connected to the skin". This is since the factors resulting in the disease step from outside to inside. It is not normal for this dangerous product to move out. Transferring to the inside is regular. Transforming the procedure from irregular to normal is just what remedies the illness. Teacher Lu Chi Ru from Taiwan analyzed this method given from generation to generation. He deepened medical studies as well as sensible use to a clinical level, which has actually permitted the application of an approach for the training of this massage strategy. Gua Sha is presently preferred beyond China and is made use of in lots of modern-day medspa treatments and also centers.

A tool called Gua Sha Pan is used to apply this method. A picked location externally of the skin is rubbed in one direction for treatment after being lubed with cream or oil. It is used forcefully until the skin reddens or has dark red or purple dots. This is normally duplicated every 3-5 days. The marks fully vanish in 2-4 days. With this method, we remove all those collected contaminants in our body. When contaminants get to the skin, they trigger the release of red cell with the veins. Consequently, red places appear and also Sha becomes visible.

The body is used to the presence of harmful material in the connective tissue however blood is something entirely various. Our body responds instantaneously since blood does not come from the connective tissue. The lymphatic system as well as the blood circulation system are activated to get rid of burglars. The hazardous product is taken in and also transferred via the blood to the body organs that will certainly cause its removal: liver as well as kidney. Consequently it is essential to consume a particular quantity of water after the therapy with Gua Sha, to make sure the toxic substances will certainly be eliminated through the bladder and the kidneys. Additionally, sweating is an excellent way to drain pipes any type of unwanted of hazardous material.

Advantages of Gua Sha massage
The advantages of Gua Sha massage many, as it not just helps to expel toxic waste from our body but additionally to considerably relax muscle mass tension, raise high quality of body liquids, and also boost one ´ s metabolism as well as body immune system. Blood distributes far better to the muscle mass, tissue as well as organs.

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The receipient immediately experiences changes in tightness, gentleness of the skin, pain and mobility. Regular metabolic procedures are restored by the activity of liquids, nutrients are carried to the tissues and metabolic wastes are gotten rid of. Try Gua Sha massage therapy. Clean and detox your body.

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