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Mobility has become part of the DNA of the modern-day business. Technological advancements have triggered a paradigm shift in workforce mobility. This comes with the promise of innumerable advantages but has also become the most disruptive threat faced by enterprises today. Therefore, the unavoidable and urgent need for businesses to harness the power and overcome the challenges presented by this trend.
The growing trend of workforce mobility has been powered by information mobility, which has moved to the next level. Getting work done and collaborating with colleagues, vendors, and clients are no longer restricted to the brick and mortar workspace. An executive could get onto a video conference call while vacationing on a beach, update reports from the comfort of home or collate inputs for a presentation while in transit to meet a client.
Why Businesses Can No Longer Ignore Mobile App Development
Businesses need robust mobility solutions to empower their mobile workforce. This is where HokuApps adds immense value to a mobile app development company. offering solutions tailored to the unique and evolving needs of an increasingly mobile workforce.
Workforce Mobility is Not a Passing Phase
The trend is growing. Mobile workers could constitute more than 70% of the US workforce by 2020, says a report by market intelligence firm IDC. HokuApps understands that these workers need seamless access to their files and data to be as effective as they are while working from the office.
Sourcing Talent Needs to Break Geographic Barriers
Given the competitive landscape, the modern-day business cannot confine its talent pool to what’s available in its backyard. A survey of recruiting professionals showed that 75% respondents faced a shortage of skills in their respective industries, according to a Bullhorn report titled North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends. To meet such challenges, businesses have extended their search for talent nationwide and even globally. HokuApps has empowered businesses to manage such a dispersed team of critical members with powerful collaboration solutions.
Meeting Employee Expectations
The importance of employee retention is underlined by the cost of replacement, which could be as high as 60% of the annual salary for that position, say estimates revealed by the Society for Human Resources Management. A mobile and remote working environment has become a necessity to retain the top talent in an organization, and flexibility is no longer just a desirable perk, says a global survey conducted by professional services firm EY. Mobile app development has made it possible for companies to actively promote remote workstyles, which can dramatically reduce office overheads and costly relocations.
Expanding Reach
Empowered by a solid mobility solution, employees can perform tasks anytime, and from any location. This means an organization can provide services across business hours in multiple time zones. Employee and clients are both pillars of an organization, and what keeps these pillars strong is the unwavering foundation of effective and efficient collaboration and communication. At HokuApps, mobile app development is focused on enhancing user engagement to increase adoption rates and on providing seamless experiences for real-time interactivity.
Efficiency and Productivity
Manual processes are error-prone, time-consuming, cause delays in meeting timelines and can potentially cause organizations millions of dollars, not just in lost productivity, but in lost sales and clients. With mobile app development focusing on streamlining processes and promoting smoother collaboration, efficiency and productivity receive a strong fillip. About 71% respondents of a survey said that the right mobility solution helped boost employee productivity not just outside the workspace, but also in the office, according to a report published by Konica Minolta. The report also said that around 60% respondents recorded efficiency gains and cost reductions.
Flexible, Scalable Growth
Modern-day businesses rely on solutions that can scale quickly, yet smoothly. When a business grows, those relying on the robustness of processes grow exponentially. HokuApps prepares for flexibility and scalability right from stage one of mobile app development. Apart from being customized to a company’s unique needs, these integrated solutions are highly scalable to adapt to evolving business goals and market conditions.
Staying Ahead of Competition
HokuApps acts as a strategic partner, from helping companies create their mobility strategy to providing support through the lifecycle of the app. The need of the hour for modern-day businesses is to deploy innovative mobility solutions faster than competitions. HokuApps Enterprise Mobile Development Platform accelerates digital transformation for businesses, allowing them to benefit from ten times faster mobile app development and deployment.
The MADP platform enables organizations to deploy mobile apps customized to their unique ecosystem and processes within weeks. The platform is powered by cleanly coded and completely tested workflow-specific components, that organization can simply choose to include in their app solution. The highly user-friendly dashboard allows businesses to instantly select features and views their functionalities.
System integration is a breeze with HokuApps Enterprise MADP platforms, which allows one-click integration to more than 500 third-party applications. It also has built-in connectors for existing CRM and ERP legacy systems.
HokuApps empowers modern-day businesses to revolutionize their workplace with an uncompromised, yet cost-effective digital strategy.
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