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Find out how being a live-in carer makes such a huge difference to those who you provide care to, and their families.
Live-in care jobs are quickly becoming the later life care alternative of choice, instead of residential care, which 97% of people would rather not opt for if they are no longer able to care for themselves.
Instead of living in a facility where routines, food and drinks, activities and general day to day life are dictated by the establishment, with live in care jobs clients can remain at home with their pets, belongings and home which they have loved for years. They can remain in control of their day to day lives, and maintain as much independence as possible.
If you're interested in taking a live in care job uk, or you currently care on a visiting basis, or in a residential care home, live-in care could be the way that you truly make a difference with your career. Here are just some of the ways a live-in carer makes a difference:
Social Lives
According to the Nursing Times care home residents can get as little as 2 minutes social interaction a day. Can you imagine being that starved of interaction with others? It is severely damaging to quality of life to be so solitary. Live-in carers completely remove that issue by becoming companions for their clients. They also ensure clients are encouraged to see friends and family, and to attend coffee mornings and events with people their own age.
Hobbies keep the brain active and keep life rich and interesting, something that can slow down and even stop altogether when a person is in residential care. The care home is not at fault for this as they will do everything they can in their power to create stimulating group activities, but there is just no room for residents to pursue personal passions and hobbies. A live-in carer can chat about their clients' interests with them, and help them to enjoy those hobbies. Get them doing up the garden or an allotment, taking them to knitting clubs, helping them go swimming - the opportunities are endless.
Getting Out
According to the Better At Home Report from the Live-in Care Hub, 37% of residential care home residents never leave their home. How awful that must be. Live-in carers would never let their client remain in the house all the time, and will do everything they possibly can to help their client get outside in the fresh air, if only into the garden.
Staying Somewhere That Makes Them Happy
Clients are desperate to stay at home because that is where they are safe and happy. With their pets, partner, belongings and everything familiar to them. By providing them with the care they need at home, they can stay where they are most happy.
Being Independent
Independence is robbed from a person who needs to go into residential care. When you care for somebody in their own home, you are able to help them maintain as much independence as possible. This is invaluable to the person, who is able to maintain the highest possible quality of life in their later years, because of your help.
Giving Relatives Peace Of Mind
Particularly with dementia patients, relatives can have peace of mind that their relative is safe at home. Imagine your own concern over elderly parents or relatives and their safety at home if they are frail or in need of care, and the relief you would feel knowing a qualified professional was there with them, not only dedicated to their care, but to helping them live their best life. Peace of mind doesn't even describe it.
Being a live-in carer is a really amazing live in care job uk and you can make such a huge difference to the lives of your clients, and their families. Read more about it at the Live-in Care Hub and think about aligning your career aspirations with a job that means the world to those you help.
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