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by on May 2, 2018
This scenario is familiar to everyone: you connect a jumper cable from a car battery to another car battery that happens to be dead. But the dead car doesn’t start right away, so you keep repositioning and maneuvering the clamps attached to the terminals of the batteries until the dead car finally starts. In many instances, the dead car doesn’t start at all. What is the problem? The problem has to do with a basic law of Electrical Engineering known as Ohm’s law. All the existing clamps used in car battery jumpers today have a very small contact surface. The teeth on those clamps touch the battery’s terminal at only a few points, and hence the “contact” surface area is very small (see the figure below). When the contact area is small, the electrical resistance is huge, according to Ohm’s law. When the electrical resistance is huge, it “chokes” the current that is attempting to flow on the cable, and hence the starter in the dead car cannot start the engine.

Welcome to the advanced new battery clamp by Creative Designs (US Patent # 9,461,376). This patented new clamp features an additional contact surface that is spring-loaded, as shown in the photo below. This contact surface has an area that is 200 times larger than the contact area of a traditional clamp. When this large surface touches the terminal of a battery, the electrical resistance is 200 times less than the typical resistance in an old fashioned clamp, and hence the electric current will be substantially higher! The result? The starter in the car with the dead battery starts on the first attempt! No more frustration on the road, no more wasted time!

The revolutionary jumper cable will be sold in a Kickstarter campaign later this year. Contact Us to be notified when the product becomes available. You can also watch the video to see it in action.
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