Pioneer Facility Services
by on May 16, 2018
A deep cleaning of any property including the roof, the walls, and the furniture is a really tiring and messy job which takes many hours. Also a day to day cleaning of the property and washrooms is a must thing for any space to make it suitable to welcome its people, especially if it is a customer-oriented property like a retail shop, commercial office, a hotel, where customers use to come through-out the day and thus need regular and proper cleaning. Your company face is your reputation. It will definitely act as a first impression on your clients and customers. A well clean and hygienic working area not only makes your impression good on your customers but also quite impressive and soothing for your employees too, who use to work there many hours of their lives. It will keep them healthy and happy and thus more satisfied with working area and in result, you can get more efficient work from your employees and happy customers. Pioneer Facility Services a professional cleaning company is here at your service to provide you a squeaky clean property without you have to bother much about the tidiness and hygiene of your commercial place. We are armed with a wide variety of cleaning equipment and facilities for general, occasional and routine cleaning of the roof, walls, floor, furniture, pools, kitchens, carpet, window, garden, and washrooms areas which includes various soft and hard cleaning services. We provide cleaning services in a variety of premises. Services provided by Pioneer Facility Services -  Industrial cleaning  Office cleaning  Commercial building cleaning  Retail cleaning service  Property maintenance  Ground maintenance  Hotel and hospitality services  Hygiene service  Customer support  Waste management Pioneer Facility Services provide you with a complete range of cleaning, maintenance, hygiene and waste management services for your commercial properties. All these services include not only cleaning facilities but also electrical, plumbing, painting, carpentry, fire maintenance too. Why Pioneer Facility Services only -  We are the number one commercial cleaning company in Australia and New Zealand.  We provide you with a cleaning contract performance.  We have professionally trained staff.  We provide long-term commercial cleaning services.  We take extra care of hygiene and presentation.  We take care of grooming and guest interactions.  We provide customized services according to customers’ requirements.  We are experienced and dedicated.  We have latest cleaning equipment.  We are an excellent service provider.  We are one stop solution for all your cleaning requirements.  We have 100% happy clients. We are going to make your life easier by providing you a professional cleaning service which will take a complete care of your requirements and hygiene. You can notice a visible difference as we thoroughly clean every nook and corner of your property. The security of your property is guaranteed as our staff is well checked for their background. For super efficient services contact us today. Hurry; book your cleaning slot now.
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