Anna Preston
by on May 18, 2018
Find out how you can use car boot season to your advantage, improving your home and making a few pounds in the process. Car boot season in the UK begins in spring and ends in Autumn when the nights start closing in. It is a bit of a cultural event which involves sellers getting up at unthinkable hours to sell their unwanted items on a table in front of their open car boot. Buyers turn up around 8-9am to browse the tables and make offers for items which can cost anything from as little as 10 pence. They are a bargain lovers haven and many people attend local car boots weekly. What you might not realise, is that car boots have the potential to help you improve your home this summer for two reasons - clutter, and a bit of extra cash. Decluttering Decluttering is such an important process of improving a home because it clears space and makes a home look instantly tidier and more beautiful. You might not have any incentive to declutter, but doing car boots could be the incentive you need. Of course donating to charity is an option but, you can make a bit of money selling at a car boot. For sitting down and chatting to lovely people for a few hours on a Sunday, £50 to £100 pounds isn't a bad amount of money to end up with. To declutter: Go Room To Room Go into every single room and think carefully about the different ornaments and items you have in their. How long has it been since you used them? How long has it been since you bought them? Which items are gathering dust, so much so you haven't noticed them in a while? You may also want to check your self storage unit to see if there are items in there you no longer want. You can then sell unwanted items and potentially save money with a cheaper unit. Choose What to Do With The Items You Don't Want Some items will need to be thrown away because they are damaged. Some items are worth enough to sell online, and everything in the middle is usually good for car boot sales. People will buy everything and anything at a car boot and lots of 50 pences add up, so don't think anything is too unworthy for a car boot. Prepare Everything For Sale Get your boxes or bags ready so you literally just have to pack them into the car and take them to the car boot sale. If the boxes are taking up too much space and you plan to do a few boot sales over summer, consider a cheap self storage unit to keep them in until you take them out for sale. Prepare For The Car Boot For the car boot sale you will need carrier bags, some change, labels, pens, paper and some snacks and hot drinks. You will also need a pasting table and a sheet for it, as well as some boxes to use for display. By doing these car boots you can earn yourself some extra cash, which will help pay for small home improvements like painting or tiling. The simple act of decluttering could help you improve your home this summer. Declutter one room and try a car boot, you might be surprised at how much fun they are!
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