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Comcast is one of the major cable service providers in the United States, offering different types of services across the nation. Under its Comcast Xfinity brand, the company provides different services, including cable television, Internet, and phone service. Further, the company is one of the major Internet service providers and offers various Internet packages. Desktop icons appear on the main start-up screen of a computer, from where one can easily access the main program. So, this way a desktop icon offers quick and easy access to programs and software installed on a computer system. This is similar to other installed desktop icons, such as “Control Panel”, “My Computer” and so on. If you have Comcast connection software installed on your computer system and have subscribed to Comcast, then you may want to create a simple desktop icon for that program, so that you can launch the program directly from the desktop after start-up. This way, you will not have to navigate through the Start menu each time you want to run the program. Because of the desktop icon, you can click the program simply by double-clicking the icon. Creating a desktop icon is easy and you need to follow some simple steps to create the icon. Just go through the below-given steps to create a desktop icon of the Comcast program on your computer system. Read More: How to Get My Comcast Pin Number?

Steps to create a Comcast desktop icon on Windows PC

It is easy to create a desktop icon on Windows machine. Simply follow the following steps to create the program icon on your PC. Step 1 First of all, you need to click on the "Start" button that you can find on your desktop. Then, choose "All Programs" and after this, hover your mouse over the Comcast Internet application. Step 2 Now, you have to right-click the mouse on the Comcast program folder and then, choose "Create Shortcut." You will now find a new icon on the desktop of your computer. This new icon is the shortcut to the Comcast program. Step 3 Click on the text area of the icon once to highlight the text. Now, type a new name for the application (if you choose to rename the program according to your preference). Then, click on the empty area outside the text box to save the changes. Step 4 After this, the new icon will be created and you can launch this program anytime by double-clicking the program icon. Read More: Troubleshooting Steps for Comcast Business Private Wi-Fi With the help of above steps, you can easily create a desktop icon on your computer for Comcast program. However, if you encounter any type of issues with your Comcast phone, Internet, TV or any other service, you can get in touch with Comcast support service for immediate help. No matter what type of problem you are facing, you can easily troubleshoot all your issues with the help of experienced and talented Comcast customer service. Not only can you easily resolve your Comcast cable television glitches instantly, but you can also fix your issues with Internet and phone service at your fingertips.
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