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There are several kinds of convex security mirror that can be suitable either for indoor or outdoor use for the following reasons:

•    It helps prevent theft, inside or outside a store.

•    It helps prevent traffic conflicts in streets where there are blind corners and limited road visibility.

•    It provides expanded viewing field than an ordinary mirror.

•    It helps reduce traffic accidents. 

•    Can be used as a monitoring and surveillance system due to wider viewing fields.

•    It adds to a safe working environment, especially at warehouses and busy areas.

•    It can reach not only the blind spot but also even to the crucial places. 

Convex mirrors are perfect monitoring tools that can be used at:

•    Home
•    Commercial areas
•    Business areas
•    Parking lots
•    Intersecting streets
•    Warehouses
•    Recreational areas where there are signs of dangerous conditions like the public swimming pools
•    Schools
•    Hospitals
•    Nursing homes or facilities
•    Prisons
•    Loading docks

How to choose the right convex mirror?

1.    According to its style

Convex security mirrors are known for its three types – the dome convex mirror, the partial dome convex mirror, and the typical-sized convex mirrors.
•    Dome convex mirrors are best used in large commercial and business areas.
•    Partial dome convex mirrors are best used in small shopping areas.
•    The typical convex mirrors are best placed in areas where there are blind spots and areas that are busy; in fact, you may even use it as a hidden convex mirror.

2.    According to its size

Before you determine the correct size of the convex mirror that would fit your liking, you need to consider the following:

•    What is your purpose of buying the convex mirror?
•    What are you trying to view if you install the convex mirror?
•    How far do you want the convex security mirror to cover?
•    How much room do you have for the convex security mirror?

These questions will help you determine what would be the appropriate convex mirror that you should use for your shop, home, office, or in any business or commercial areas. The purpose, the area, and the distance will determine the right size of the convex mirror that you should purchase. For instance, if your viewing distance is 16 feet and above, the appropriate size of the convex mirror that you should use is 12 inches; you may check some guides at this link

3.    According to materials

Every convex mirror is made from several different materials – acrylic, stainless steel, and glass.

•    Acrylic can give you a clear reflection. Also, it is resistant to shatter and weighs lighter than a glass unit.

•    Stainless steel does not provide a clear reflection unlike the acrylic and glass; nonetheless, this type of mirror is sturdy and shatter resistant.

•    Glass can also give you clear reflection; however, compared to acrylic, the stainless steel is scratch resistant.

Final Thoughts

There are several things you need to know about convex mirror before buying one; if you are currently looking for a durable and efficient convex security mirror, you may read some reliable website for additional information