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Did you know that hiking burns an average of 440 calories every hour? Hiking can be as simple as going to adventure in the forest in your neighborhood vicinity or as wild as going to scale mountains and hills. The health benefits that are brought about by a good hike are immeasurable. Research has shown that hiking is an effective stress reliever.

 Whether you are hiking for adventure or for losing weight, a good pair of hiking shoes is very essential. It can be daunting to figure the most suitable shoe that can bring a great memory to your hiking experience. Searching on the internet for hiking shoe reviews will most likely get you confused. Most of these reviews are always more inclined to promote sales than to give an earnest opinion. Here you will find the essential things to look out for when shopping for hiking shoes.

What purpose was the hiking shoe designed for? Hiking shoes are classified into four types depending on the purpose they are designed for.

1.    Mountaineering boots are suitable for mountain and ice climbing.

2.    Backpacking boots will suit you if you enjoy backpacking trips for several days.

3.    Day-hiking boots will give you a good experience in your short hike.

4.    Hiking sandals and shoes are the best for short outdoor walks.

The prices reduce as you go down the categories. Have an idea of what you always enjoy when hiking. Are you the moderate and safe person that prefers short hikes or are you the wild one that wants to go scale up the mountains. Obviously, don’t expect that a hiking sandal to be efficient in a 15-mile day hike. Buy yourself a hiking shoe with regard to the purpose it is designed for.

Check out for the material used to design the boot. A good hiking boot should be able to keep your feet warm and also protect them from being knocked by rocks. It should be designed in a manner that the feet can easily “breath” and therefore moisture due to sweat does not accumulate in it. The most common material found in hiking boots is leather. If you are looking for light boots go for the ones that are made of a combination of heavy nylon fabric and leather. A full-grained leather hiking shoes are efficient for mountain and ice climbing.

Try to fit the hiking boots before buying them. The last thing you would want to end up with is an oversize shoe in when hiking. Carry along a pair of hiking socks and find the hiking shoe that best compliments them. Some recommend buying hiking shoes in the afternoon on a sunny day. Though it has not been researched on scientifically it works. During this time your feet are at their optimum size and therefore you are less likely to end up with an undersized hiking shoe.

Ask whether you can return the hiking shoe in case you find not suitable for you. Some stores have favorable terms under which you can return the hiking shoe. Of course, you cannot return them after using them for a long period of time. Inquire about the conditions under which you will be allowed to return the hiking shoe.