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There are different kinds of fax cover services available online whose help you can take for creating your own fax cover sheet. As you can now send fax cover sheet not only by fax machines but there is online many options like web, email, API etc. with the help of which you can create or send fax cover sheet to the recipient and also can receive the fax from the sender as well. As in some cases when you want to confirmation of the fax cover sheet then you need to choose that fax cover service provides receiving facility of fax cover sheet as well.

In this era of digital revolution, there is solution for every problem you are suffering from if you are getting trouble how to create, send or get a fax cover sheet then here are plenty of online services available for you who can guide you in a right direction for sending or getting a fax cover. So, you do not need to worry about anything. Most of the services charge some amount when you use their fax cover services. But there are many free fax cover services as well. So, if you are not interested in paying any kind of amount for creating a fax cover or sending it then you can use free fax cover services for sure.

Top 5 sites to get fax cover for free are:

  • GotFreeFax
  • FaxZero
  • Plus
  • info
  • eFax Free

These are some popular fax services free sites which you can use for your own particular fax cover purpose.

  1. GotFreeFax:

In this service you can write down two documents per day and can upload three pages from this site. After that this site has attractive membership plans as well if you want to send more information and use this site services. URL link for this site is The good part of this site is it does not require any kind of registration at first. You can directly get the option for fax cover sheets and send for free option as well no need to trouble on this site.

  1. FaxZero:

This fax services is one of the impressive fax services and it provides facility to send 5 documents per day and option to create 3 pages or cover for one day. You just need to enter the sender’s and recipient information and then you can attach any kind of document with this fax cover sheet as well. But in this fax cover service there is no option to receive any fax you can create or send fax cover sheets from this site only. URL link for this site is: There is no mobile app for this fax cover service as well. But its attractive looks and easy to use features make it part of one of the top 5 free fax cover services. This site do not require any kind of login or signup option at first. You can directly use its services.

  1. Plus:

This Fax.Plus service offers you a free trial period in which you can send or create numerous numbers of fax cover sheet and after that it will charge you 20% of money for sending the fax cover sheet. For using its services you first need to login or register yourself on this site as well. URL link of Fax.Plus is: This fax cover service also comes with apps option as well. It has app feature for both Android as well as iOS phones.

  1. info:

If you are looking for simple, clean, modern interface fax service then HelloFax is the best option for you. It provides tutorial and many other features it include which makes it easy to use for you. URL link for FaxCoverSheet site is: It provides Google Drive, Drop Box kind of attractive features as well.

  1. eFax free:

eFax free provides services to receive incoming fax cover sheets to the customers. There is facility to receive 10 email faxes over there without spending any money. URL link for eFax free site is: It needs you to sign up first and then you can use its services after that it also provides you the attractive SUBSCRIPTION plans as well. There is app feature for this service is also available. 

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