Noram Singer
by on June 26, 2018
It is quite a difficult task to set up a wireless network by using their router. A person hailing from non-technical background might face some issues while doing the setup. With the invention of routers, access to the internet has become much easier than ever before. However, it is always a bit tricky to set up the router, especially D-Link as it involves many lengthy steps. Here you will know about setting the wireless network using D Link DIR 655. If all these seem a time-consuming process to you then try reaching out to D-Link customer support number which stays available round the clock. Before starting the configuration process using the D-Link DIR 655 settings, you need to login to the D-Link router. After that, you must know about the router properly. With the help of given steps, you can do the needful as per the guide. Step 1: Connect the devices • Turn the power off on your router and modem • Plug all the Ethernet cables into the port on your modem • Now turn the power on Step 2: Configuration utility • Open the browser of your choice and input the IP address • Once the login window appears, select the admin as username and leave the password blank by default. • Press login to enter the web-based configuration utility Step 3: Set the internet connection • Click the Setup menu on the top and then on Internet menu. • Choose the Internet connection set up wizard to configure the connection for the router Step 4: Follow the wizard to configure the connection • Set a new password for the admin user • Select time zone • Choose internet connection type • Save settings and reboot the router Step 5: Launch and configure the wireless settings • Choose the wireless settings in the configuration utility • Click on the wireless network setup, the settings window will appear • Enter a name for the network and select WPA personal as the security mode • Leave other settings by default Step 6: Access a wireless network In the computer which needs to access the Internet, create a wireless connection by scanning the name of the network and its connection properties. With the help of these steps, if performed in the same manner as they are given, you can get rid of the issue at your end. But if you get stuck at any step, then don’t hesitate in connecting with D-Link router support number. The team of skilled technical experts will help you by offering an excellent solution. Source : How to Setup a Wireless Network by Using D-Link DIR 635
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