Noram Singer
by on June 30, 2018
Reset Rour Asus RT-AC3200 Router by Two Ways: With button Power on the Asus Router, with the help of a paper clip or pin press the button for a while and release it afterward The router will reboot on its own, once the WLAN light stops blinking, your router is reset automatically without any efforts. From Admin control panel Open a web browser of your choice, type an IP address and press enter Enter the admin username and password (both are ‘admin’) Then click ‘ok’ After that, click administration in the advanced settings menu on the left side of the page At the top of the page, click Restore/save/upload settings tab. Click on the restore button Once the confirmation box appears, click ‘OK’ to begin the reset. Once you have done the reset, then make sure you change the password of your router for further use and for security too. If you don’t know how to do so then try performing the undermentioned solutions or taking help from Source : How to Reset Asus Rt-Ac3200 Router To Factory Default Settings?
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