Sara Forrester
by on July 5, 2018
I recently began seeing an online life coach who has been helping me get my love life back on track. Suffice it to say that I had been single for almost five years and I knew I needed to do something different. Here are five things I learned from my coach: 1. Do not ask if you like your date, ask if you can learn from them. If you have not got someone yet, it means you are still single and actively searching. Dating coaches think you need to change your question from whether you like your date to what you can learn from them. The import of this is that relationship takes time to blossom, instead of acting like you are put off, seizes the occasion to learn more about them. In the course of your interaction, you may find the spark! 2. Jump ship if you cant be yourself. Like a ship, a relationship is a long journey; sometimes it takes a lifetime. If you ever feel uncomfortable around your prospective partner, it’s better to leave early to prevent heartbreak and waste both your times. 3. Avoid complaining about your future partner. Positive thinking develops positive attitude necessary to foster a long-term relationship. When dating someone, make sure to build a positive attitude around them to cherish and adore them. A frequent complaint about your love life will lead to harboring negative energy and not see good things about them. 4. Accept who your date is. Thinking your date will change with time is a mistake. If you can cope with the attitude now, no possibility it will change. The truth in a relationship is everyone put forward their best self at the beginning of it. But the relationship progresses, the real-self begins to show. If you don't like clumsy people, and you noticed they are clumsy now, consider their present clumsiness as the best fashion of them. The real clumsy person is yet to come; before they do, leave now! 5. Use a referral. If you are not comfortable initiating a date, you can use the help of a close friend to arrange your meeting. If you are not getting a date and can’t start one, a referral dating might be a better way to meet who you will like. Your only chance of a date is meeting people, the more you reach out; the brighter is your chance of getting a date. Dating and finding true love is not easy. My online life coach always recommends that it is better to be alone then to settle for someone. What do you think?
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