Anna Preston
by on July 11, 2018
Find out how decluttering can be much easier and even fun, with these 7 simple tips and tricks. If you want to declutter your home but you find the whole process boring, annoying and pretty much the thing you would least like to be doing with spare time, then help is on hand. Perhaps you are moving in with a new partner? These 10 tips will help you declutter quicker, easier and at times you might even have a bit of fun doing it! Take a look at these 7 tips to make decluttering a much easier task: 1. Commit It sounds obvious but, with tasks that you don't want to do, if you say 'I might' or 'maybe later' then you ever really commit properly, and something else will take priority. Commit to spending 30 minutes or an hour decluttering a specific area and make that your number 1 priority, it will help set you up for success. 2. Be Prepared If you don't have black bags, cardboard boxes, rubber gloves, or anything else you need to declutter, you may begin and then leave the task and never get back to it. You might even use the lack of equipment as an excuse not to declutter at all. Prepare with everything you need so once you start you have no reason to stop. 3. Set The Scene Decluttering in silence will make the task drag. Play a podcast or an album so you have a focus whilst you declutter, and maybe promise yourself to declutter until that podcast or album has played. 4. Get Some Help If you are clearing out a wardrobe you should get some friends round and make an event of it. Perhaps they could bring items they want to get rid of, and you can swap items and try on items and hopefully designate items for charity or selling on together. 5. Have Somewhere For Your Unwanted Items To Go Have a carboot you plan to do, a cheap self storage unit you want to use or a certain amount of money you want to make from unwanted items. This will ensure your items don't end up in bags and boxes taking up space in your home, once you have designated them as clutter. 6. Always Split the Job Into Smaller Tasks You should always split the job into smaller tasks so you don't get overwhelmed at the thought of decluttering a whole house. A drawer, a room, a garage, a shed, a box - the smaller and more 'digestible' the tasks, the better. 7. Be Ruthless It can be easy to dither on items that need to go, thinking you might need them one day or, that they can be used elsewhere. Recycling items is great, but realism is also important in terms of making the most of your space at home. Be ruthless and get rid of items you don't need or enjoy regularly, or put them into self storage units. Decluttering can be a chore. But with these easy tips making the task more manageable, you'll be clearing out your home in no time, living in a clean and clear space free from clutter.
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