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by on July 14, 2018
A healthy, nutritious diet is extremely important to our small pets and is a major factor behind a full, happy life. Vacuum cleaners with water filters Most small animals such as Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Hamsters are offered hay as a part of their daily meal but choosing a good quality tall grass can be confusing for many pet owners. Alfalfa King's, Timothy Hay is one of many brands now on the market. We decided to put the King to the test with the help of our resident rodents. Outside The Box Alfalfa King Timothy Hay comes in 4 lb. double compressed bales inside a durable cardboard box which bears the company's bright colours and bold logo. This unique packaging method protects the hay from ultraviolet light and handling damage as well as keeps it fresh. A unique small plastic window in the top panel allows pet owners to view the contents. The back panel of the box offers complete product information including Alfalfa King's mission statement, ingredients list, guaranteed nutritional analysis and concise feeding instructions. The ever important date sticker is placed prominently on the box. While Alfalfa King's packaging is excellent for its comprehensive info and protection of the product, we found getting the hay out of the box and keeping the feeding area clean a challenge. The hay is packed tightly and when removing it from the box, it is difficult to keep it from spilling out. However, this is a minor trade off for better quality hay and we discovered an easy way to keep your hay in one place. Inside The Box Alfalfa King Timothy Hay is grown in the U.S.A. using natural, environmentally friendly methods. We were very glad to learn that the cultivation system of this hay excludes the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical additives of any kind. Unfortunately, the product is not yet certified organic so this assurance may be inconsistent. The hay is sun dried to perfection to ensure that the nutrient levels of the plant are retained. Alfalfa King advertising claims that their hay is "sweet, supple and green" and it was indeed supple, green and sweet smelling throughout the box. We were also impressed to find that the leaf of the hay was held intact as most bagged hays lack this quality and there was an absence of "hay dust" common to bagged products. Nutritional Aspects The Alfalfa King hay company claims that their Timothy Hay is nutritionally better than other brands due to their unique cultivation, processing and packaging methods. According to the guaranteed analysis, the hay contains 8% protein, 1.5% fat and 32% fiber. The 14% moisture content proves that the hay is not over dried. A comparison against competing Timothy Hay brands found Alfalfa King hay to be in our opinion of higher overall quality.
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