Karl Hades
by on July 16, 2018
The devices we install Norton products on usually have the Norton toolbar installed on their browsers for additional security. This toolbar adds an extra protective layer from the online malicious threats. But the fact is toolbar affects the speed of your browsing which results in slow browsing results. Therefore, users feel the need of removing the toolbar fro, heir browser to achieve the optimum search speed. Basically, the toolbar is saved as an extension on the browser, so one can remove, disable, and enable the Toolbar whenever required. For Google Chrome, one can delete it at any point in time. So those who are facing issues while performing an action on Norton toolbar can reach the Norton support: a straightforward approach towards all Norton elated dilemmas. Steps to remove Norton Toolbar from different browsers: We use a different browser and those who are protected by Norton, automatically have the Norton toolbar installed. So, one must remove the toolbar from the various browser using the below-given steps. For Mozilla Firefox: • Open the Firefox menu and go to “Add-ons” • Now hit the Disable button from the Norton toolbar. • Restart the browser and save the changes. For Google Chrome: • In order to open the extensions, one must click on the horizontal line icon and the Go to “Settings” and then “Extensions”. • Now you must disable the Enabled option from the toolbar and select the delete option by clicking on the trash icon. • Click on remove to delete the extensions. • Restart the Google Chrome to make the effects stable. Microsoft Internet Explorer: • Go to the settings icons (gear icon) at the top-right corner of the browser and select “Manage add-ons”. • Now select the “Toolbars and Extensions” and choose “Norton toolbar”. • Go to Disable option and turn off the toolbar. • Restart your browser and apply the changes. How to Enable or Disable the Norton Toolbar? Select any of your favorite browsers and open it. • For Internet Explorer: Open the Menu bar by right clicking and select or deselect the Norton toolbar to enable or disable the toolbar respectively. • For Mozilla Firefox: Go to Tools>>Add-ons>>Extensions. Now open the Extension page and click • Norton Identity safe toolbar, select enable or disable. • For Google Chrome: Open the extensions>>Norton Security Toolbar>>Norton Identity Safety and deselect the Enabled option. If there are hindrances which aren’t allowing you to remove, disable or enable your Norton toolbar, you must reach the expert for the help. So, call Norton Antivirus Tech Support Number and get unlimited support for the issues you are encountering. The technicians will guide you through the process and remove the issues which are preventing you to complete your action. Our Recent Blog -
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