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by on July 16, 2018
Product Description It is quite a powerful piece of equipment which is perfect for spot cleaning and small jobs. Since it is fitted with digital motor, it has an advantage over traditional motors. It is a lot more powerful than them and doesn’t have carbon brushes. This means there is no carbon dust to irritate the lungs. We found to have the best prices on all hand held vacuum cleaners including the Dyson DC31. The Root Cyclone technology used by the DC31 gives consistent suction while the dual power mode gives you ten minutes of high constant suction. Alternatively it also provides about five to six minutes of 70% higher suction. This vacuum cleaner is easy to carry around since it weighs only 2.9 pounds. The DC31 is bagless and comes with washable filters. Attachments included with are AC/DC power adapter, a debris nozzle/brush tool used for dusting, a crevice tool used for base boards and hard to get to places, registration card, manual, quick start guide, battery and a charger which qualifies for the Energy Star. The Dyson DC31 is covered by a two year warranty on both parts and labour. Technical Details o Ergonomic design o Lightweight handheld vacuum ideal quick pick-ups o Small, light, digital Dyson dual-power motor o Root cyclone technology for consistent suction o 10 minutes of high constant suction or 6 minutes with 70% higher suction o Motorized brush bar converts to a debris nozzle o High-velocity airflow crevice tool o Measures 4.5 inches deep by 8 inches wide by 12.7 inches high; o Weighs 2.9 pounds o 2-year warranty Dyson DC31 Review The reviewers who used this little machine have absolutely loved it. Being cordless, it is easy to grab, it has no coils to unwind, and you get straight down with the cleaning part. One reviewer said it was such a “joy to use”. She even took it to work and other people’s homes to clean! Another said it was perfect for getting rid of dust from flooring trim, hard wood floors, vent covers and any other smooth surface. Many reviewers commented on the battery life of the Dyson DC31 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. They were impressed that the battery stayed charged for the length of time expressed in the advertising, which was long enough to do the work needed. The lithium-ion batteries were also mentioned and praised because they took only 3 hours to be charged, which was a huge improvement over the 16 hours taken by traditional batteries. Customers were highly impressed with the overall look and feel of the DC31. Weighing only 3 pounds, the cleaner was easy to carry around the house and storage took up very little space too. The accessories came in for special mention. They liked the combination tool with the brush for loosening stubborn dirt; they liked the strip positioned behind the intake which was designed to tackle stubborn fibers and pet hair clinging to the upholstery without need for excessive scrubbing. Many thought the crevice tool was great for skirting and inaccessible places and they were impressed with the way that the tools locked into place without any wobbling. As one reviewer commented “it’s great to see a vacuum cleaner with some proper dusting tools.” The general consensus was that the Dyson DC31, although a bit more expensive, was truly value for money. There was no way you could go wrong with this equipment and it was a recommended purchase for anyone who no longer wished to struggle with bulky vacuum cleaners.
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