Robert Williams
by on July 23, 2018
Recently, Amazon has released latest Charging Dock and Show Mode which you can easily connect to your Fire HD 8 or Fire HD 10 only to make it a handy Echo Show device. Though, the audio experience through the tablet’s delicate speakers that leaves much to be desired. But now you can easily connect the external Bluetooth speakers to your tablet for an enhanced audio experience. But for this, you don’t even need to be using the Show Mode and the charging dock. If you want to connect to the speakers by sitting on the couch and want to watch a movie, then you need to take the tablet to a different room and also need to connect a different set of the Bluetooth speakers. Here we provide you the complete process of how you can pair a set of Bluetooth speakers with your fire HD tablet. The process is very easy and simple but to avoid trouble you need to follow the steps in ascending order, and this will also help in saving you lots of time and also efforts. Bluetooth Speakers Fire HD Tablet Pair Bluetooth Speakers Fire HD Tablet For pairing a Bluetooth Speakers with your fire HD tablet, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. But before starting the process first, you need to confirm that your speaker is discoverable: Click to open “Settings” tab Then, click on the “Wireless” option Now, click to “Turn On” Bluetooth Finally, click to “Pair a Bluetooth Device” from the list. Now, your tablet will easily scan for the nearby devices that it can connect to. In this situation, we suggest you use a set of Logitech MX Sound speakers, although it will work with every Bluetooth speakers that you already have. Once it finds your external Bluetooth speaker then first you need to select them from the list and wait until the connection is made it should take few second. When your tablet and speakers are connected, and then swipe down from the top of the screen to see the notification shade. When you click on it, then it will automatically connect with the speaker, and now you can easily move towards the More Options which will bring you back to the Bluetooth section in the Settings. However, it will make easy for you to disconnect your tablet from the speakers and also it will head you to another room. It is very pleasant if you are using it in the Show Mode in one room and also head to another room as a tablet. Whether you are using your Fire HD tablet with the new Show Mode or with the Charging Dock and all or using it by sitting on the couch and want to watch your favorite videos, now it is easy to connect a pair of Bluetooth speakers for a superior audio experience. SOURCE –
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