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by on July 23, 2018
HP is the printer that is used not only by the teenagers or adults but also by the old aged people. Because of its attractive and unique features, everyone gets attracted to it. But most of the people face tremendous troubles in operating the device as they cannot get the full advantage of the device. Although people have become smart enough to get the best on the planet and thus chooses HP as it provides the capacity of multitasking acquiring less time and money. But what will you do if you face any kind of trouble with the best device? Then also you will keep on searching for the best hp printer technical support number. That is why we are providing you the best HP printer service that will help you to instantly resolve your issues and enhance your knowledge of the HP printers. In this article, you will get some basic ideas on how to change cartridge on your HP LaserJet printer and other useful information. How to operate HP LaserJet printers Before you know about how to set up the HP LaserJet Printers you must know about how the printer exactly works. Some of the key functions of HP LaserJet printers: • Provides professional printing. • It has the feature of automatic two-sided printing. • It also provides on go printing that is you can connect the printer even with your mobile and use it anywhere. • It has the power of ultra-fast functioning. • The most important function of HP LaserJet printers is its essential features. 8 Easy steps to change the cartridge of the printer 1. Turn on the printer. 2. Press the cartridge button on the control panel that matches the print cartridge. The printer will start noising as the cartridge will be put on the correct position. 3. Wait till the noise will stop noising and the cartridge button will stop flashing. 4. Open the print cartridge door. 5. Pull out straight the existing finished cartridge and remove it. 6. Now insert the new cartridge into the correct slot. 7. Match the letter on the cartridge and the letters on the carriage. 8. Wait for at least 3 minutes for the printer to calibrate. Your printer is now ready for regular use. For any further information, you can call us on our hp printer customer care phone numberc40e7200fe633d430c253d28cf227a7a.jpg that is toll-free and available 24 hours. We have the best HP printer support technicians who will provide you with all the required resolution for any of your problems and facilitate you by providing the best knowledge about the HP LaserJet printer. We always take care of our customers and clients and provide all the facilities that are required to resolve their problems. That is why with the passing of years we have been earning the heart core support and trust of all our customers and clients.
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