Noram Singer
by on August 27, 2018
If you have any of the Asus Wi-Fi routers and are confronted with problems like router not working or not connecting or you have lost the password then this blog will elaborate about the fixtures to 99% of Asus router problems. You just need to opt for Asus WRT Merlin router firmware which will fix the hassles altogether. The troubleshooting steps will also work. Alternatively, you can dial Asus Router Help if you are still confused with the router and you have any more doubts. If you are not having this program in your device then you need to install it. But make sure that the given points are kept in mind.  Asus WRT Merlin firmware can be applied just like other firmware updates  You can revert back to the original firmware without compromising with settings  There is no need to reset to factory defaults  You can keep your current router settings unaffected This was for the most of the basic troubles that occur with the Asus router. But if you have a problem with the port forwarding or lost password then changing the firmware will not sort out the issue. And for that, you will need to reset the router. Moreover, when you will perform a hard reset, all your customized settings will be lost. Hard reset of Asus router  Turn on the router  Hold the reset button by pressing it for a couple of seconds  Enter the IP Address of your router in the browser of your choice  Access the router by entering the username and password  Configure the router manually and do not load a firmware backup file  Also, remove any wireless connections made through your device and reconnect again You must always choose your Router brand wisely and to save from the troubles, you should not reset the router again and again. As it will impact its hardware as well as the durability. You should connect with Asus Router Customer Service if the trouble persists. The technical representatives will provide you the instant solution without any delay. Source :
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