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by on August 29, 2018
DME or Durable Medical Equipment is a special segment of the medical market in America, the billing requirement of which has been addressed appropriately over the last decade by Sunknowledge Services Inc, the undisputed player in the medical Revenue Cycle Management of the states. Medical revenue reimbursement has always been a complicated procedure which has left payers, providers and patients in doldrums for the longest time. That was primarily because of lack of professional knowledge, technical skills and absence of special practice management entities. Sunknowledge has been instrumental in replacing the confusion with customized billing services. DME refers to the delicate domestic apparatus for healing particular pains or neuro muscular trouble of the human body as prescribed by the physician. The DME goods and service providers often lack in proper personnel who can manage their own accounts with the required knowledge of reimbursement and technical smartness. Thus in order to bring regularity, stability, professionalism and success in DME billing, Sunknowledge brings to you its enviable billing services.

A Cross Section Of The DME Billing Services as Practiced by Sunknowledge Include

• Eligibility authentication • Perfect coordination between payer and provider • Payment management • Accounts receivable management • Denial management • Collection coordination • Charge submission With orthotics and prosthetics an integral part of the DME sector, Sunknowledge has been the forerunner in benefiting the industry at large in regularizing its economy, improving the standard of medical service and raising relationship cycle between the patient, provider and payer. Some of the highlights of Sunknowledge’s full proof DME Billing Services are as follows • 100 HIPAA adherence • Economical service @$8 per hour • Employees efficient in billing softwares like Brightree, Fastrack, Team DME, PrimeRx etc, making DME billing services easy and accessible • Services provided on both end to end and standalone basis • Company abides by CPAP, with a record increase in the compliance rate by 40 to 80% Sunknowledge, despite its success, is the most easily accessible organization for its clients. It also provides a telemedicine platform for its DME clients free of cost in form of Altogether, Sunknowledge is the billing company that is aimed at accelerating America’s medical system to untold heights.
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