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by on September 3, 2018
Embroidery is fun, relaxing and engages your mind to be creative. As a beginner, all you need is to know the style that works for you. There are diverse patterns to choose from online, but it’s essential to find the less complicated ones as you begin. If you’re starting out or you know someone who is interested in embroidery, here are some tips that can help start the creative journey.

Have the right materials

Where can I get these craft materials? You can purchase them online, at thrift stores or a nearby craft shop. Some of the essential materials you need are such as hoops (either wooden, metallic or plastic) which come in various sizes. These are for stitching where your design determines the size of the hoop to use. You will also need fabric, preferably the non-stretchy ones. Experiment with various types of fabrics to get the one that you prefer. However, cotton fabric never disappoints. Other materials you will need are scissors, needles and embroidery floss.

Have the environment

The environment you do your stitching determines how fast you learn embroidery. If you want to take embroidery seriously, you can have a room specially set for this. The place you set out to do your stitching needs to have decent lighting to save you the strain of having to focus on something small for a long time. Additionally, it’s important to have a comfortable chair as you do the stitching.

Know how to transfer a design

As part of your embroidery journey, you might need to transfer design if you don’t have a kit already in place. Some of the things you can use to transfer are, for example, iron-on transfers where you purchase these transfers and follow the product’s manufacturer guide on how to do it. Other methods you can use are; water-soluble stabilizer and tracing.
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