Stephen Len
by on September 4, 2018
Quicken allows you to handle all your financial transactions, assets, accounts at one place. You can keep a track of your regular incomes, expenses, bills which are due for payment as well as savings. To avail the benefit of Quicken, you can add your financial accounts to Quicken. Whenever you add an account to Quicken, it will be added to the Accounts list. For all the accounts added, you can download transactions in Quicken to track them whenever required. For downloading the transactions, you will be required to manually download it by connecting to your financial institution or the Quicken will automatically download it for you. To add any financial account to your Quicken account, apply the given steps: • Open Quicken account and go to the Accounts section. • Click on ‘New’ to add a new account. • Select the type of account you want to create such as savings, credit card etc. • Enter the name of your bank or financial institution and then press continue. • In case you want to create a manual account, click on Options and from there click on Manual and click on Continue. • Follow the given instructions to add your account. • Enter the username and password of your bank account, if asked for. This will connect your bank account to Quicken. A detailed list of all the accounts with that bank will be provided to you. • Verify all the details and click on Add to add the account to Quicken. • If you want to make any changes then you can customize your Quicken account. • After completing the process, the account you have added will appear on the screen. • You can click the account to view the downloaded transactions. In this way, you can add a number of financial accounts to your Quicken account, or can acquire help for the same by contacting Quicken Support Service. For all the accounts added, you can download transactions in Quicken to track them whenever required. The tech experts will support you in adding different accounts for Quicken as well as downloading transactions for your accounts. We ensure to provide the best possible technical assistance so that the customers contacting us don’t regret later. To fix all the Quicken errors, we can provide sufficient support to you. For extensive Quicken support, the right choice is in front of you.
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