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by on September 19, 2018
How to provide support on Twitter using a helpdesk The scope and options for offering customers support for businesses have widened in recent years. It is no longer limited to telephonic and mail based support. With arrival and growth of newer web technologies, companies have better means to offer quality support to their customers. Along with live chat, many companies are also incorporating social media channels to offer enhanced support to their customers. Social media platforms like Facebook and twitter are being used a lot by businesses of varying sizes and types for this purpose-worldwide. While you can configure Twitter to interact with your company customers and use it as a means to offer support, using it in sync with help desk software can be ideal too. Why use Twitter for offering support to the customers? There are several reasons for you to start using Twitter to offer great online support to the customers. Twitter is among the popular and widely used social media services. It has more than 700 million users and that definitely includes a large chunk of your brand customers! The Twitter users like the platform for it gives them options to share their views and connect with others. Without using it, you may miss out on an easy method to interact with your customers. If the customers are unhappy about a product, they can let out their anger or frustration through Twitter. However, if they receive assurance and support through the platform promptly, they may not resort to spread negativity about your brand online. This can be achieved easily by combining Twitter with suitable help desk applications. This will also help in customer retention. The social media savvy customers like to spend several hours every day in their profiles, interacting with others ad positioning new content etc. For them it is easier and faster to contact the support team through such online channels. They find sending Tweets much more convenient than dialing up helpline and waiting on IVR or sending email and waiting for reply! Another reason for using Twitter as a support channel for your brand customers is it is almost real time. The agents have to respond in short phrases and sentences-which speeds up the interaction. They need less time to deal with the customers by using twitter than email. This cuts down the delay involved in interaction. Tips to offer amazing and useful customer support using Twitter Listed below are the steps you need to take to offer superb customer support using Twitter. Of course, you will need to create a profile in twitter for your brand beforehand: You should create a separate Twitter support handle. There will be a main channel for the followers who like to stay updated about the products and brand. The Twitter support handle will be for interacting with customers who have queries and grievances. Ensure your support agents respond to every tweet made by the customers without much delay. It helps in gaining their confidence and trust. While Twitter is great for responding to customer grievances and queries, the agents should be aware of the limitations of the online platform. It is not exactly great for resolving complex customer issues. For customers knocking with serious and complex cases, request them to use other channels like live chat or email. Since Twitter is public online forum, it would be good and practical not to share important data over it. Several companies using Twitter for customer support usually prefer deploying response templates. These are good for reverting to commonplace queries by customers. However, a touch of personalization can be used in your Twitter responses. It can be useful to develop brand identity and nurture relationships with the customers. The agents may sign their names to the tweet responses or use initials. For benefit of the customers, mention your support hours and add a welcome message. The majority of Twitter users do not adhere much to using formal language and they use plenty of abbreviations and colloquial terms when using the platform. The support agents may not use formal language when using Twitter but they have to maintain a fine balance. After all, they are representing a brand and using too many colloquial terms may not go down well. However, it is okay to use a bit of humor in the tone sometimes. Nuances of using Twitter with various Helpdesk applications The benefits of using Twitter for customer support can be obtained better if you integrate this social media channel with suitable helpdesk applications. There are several such IT help desk solutions in market that offer integration with Twitter and other social media channels. Freshdesk- A widely popular helpdesk application used by SMBS and big companies, Freshdesk offers good integration options with twitter. Using the application UI, the support agents can respond back to the tweets made by the customers-without hassles. The software also has inbuilt capability to convert tweets into tickets automatically. It is also possible to set filters identify tweets with specific keywords and assign them to specific agents in the support team. Happyfox- This is one much sought after helpdesk tool used mostly by mid to large sized businesses. With its Twitter integration, agents can monitor and resolve customer queries directly within the help desk UI. It also supports auto conversion of customer tweets into tickets. The UI is simple and the integration process is straightforward. Cayzu- Cayzu helpdesk, like most of its segment rivals offer options to integrate Twitter. The software has options to turn the tweets and direct messages into tickets-which can be handled by the agents thereafter. The agents can respond from the Cayzu portal and responses are sent back to the Twitter profiles of the senders/customers. Zoho Desk- Zoho desk is liked a lot by the companies with modest budgets seeking feature laden help desk software. It offers smooth integration for twitter. Zoho Desk for Twitter enables you to turn tweets into tickets fast. The ticket responses get added as response to original tweet. If necessary, the Twitter conversation can be moved to email. This can be useful in situations when the conversion is lengthy enough and cannot be contained within 140 character limit. Zendesk- Another popular helpdesk tool used by companies belonging to various sectors, Zendesk also offer robust Twitter integration capabilities. Using Zendesk Support, it is possible to monitor more than one Twitter account. Automated conversion of tweets into tickets is simple too. The tweet conversation can be taken to email as well. Even more convenient is the option to mass convert the tweets into tickets. Choosing the right helpdesk for Twitter integration Nearly all of the popular IT helpdesk software support integration with Twitter without hassles and requirement to use third party plug-ins. However, you need to consider some other factors when picking such software solutions. The viability of the free helpdesk for your business needs and other features should be evaluated. You also need to check the amount of customizations or flexibility you get by integrating Twitter with each of these helpdesk tools. You may also check out these software applications in trial mode to figure out which one will be best suited for your company needs.
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