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by on September 21, 2018
Summary - A designers dream come true, the beauty of granite stone is hard to miss. Here, we are exploring why granite is a popular choice for kitchen countertops and other places in a building. Content - An extensively used rock for construction purpose, granite is an intrusive igneous rock which allures with its rich textures and naturally formed patterns. The many features and wide availability of the stone makes it one of the most marketable stones since the olden times. From sculptures to memorials to building and engineering works this stone has extended its usage to almost all spheres of our lives. KITCHEN COUNTERTOP When we think of a material to be used for the kitchen countertop what is the first thought that strikes our mind? Whether the material is heat resistant and will it able to withstand the continuous pressure of gadgets and unmindful utensil upkeep. Before identifying how Granite Countertops fit the bill, let’s gauge what we look for in a countertop for the most used area of our homes. • The material or stone used should look classy and attractive. Kitchens are where most of our times are spent and having an enthralling appeal to this place is very important for general wellbeing. • Durability is a major concern, as a kitchen witnesses a lot from a proficient cook's endeavours on the countertop to a novices learning ordeals. • The tops at times also become a sitting platform for tired chefs and it is here that the strength of the material used plays a very important role. • Water resistance is also vital because kitchen work involves a lot of water play and if the top is not low in permeability, it will lead to bacteria built up and even damage the cupboards and areas underneath. Why GRANITE? Now once we know what we generally seek, we get a fair idea why choosing granite can be the best decision. • It is long lasting. This one feature makes them an instant favourite amongst all the users. The durability of this rock against fire and water and its ability to stand firm against general wear and tear caused by mishandling makes them very usable and desirable in kitchens. • Another feature which adds to their charm is the endless range of granite countertops colours. When a kitchen or any other part of the house is built careful planning goes into the looks and matching. Using granite means that you can match the countertop of your kitchen to the existing walls and wardrobes nearing perfection. Whether it be the butterfly Verde, the Baltic brown or the Kashmir gold there is a sea range to choose from. • It is often seen fancy choices at the onset of a building project often lead to hassles of maintenance in the regular course. Granite is an exception here. It is very easy to maintain and clean. A little handling care and daily cleaning routine with soapy water followed by a swipe with a dry muslin cloth can keep your countertop looking as good as new for a long period of time. There is no need to buy expensive cleaning agents for a new refreshing look. The prices of these countertops are also not budget wrecking. The wide price range helps to fit into each pocket perfectly giving the flexibility of choice to its users. So choosing granite can be a win-win situation for you, if you wish to invest once and reap the benefits for a very long duration of time. Additional Read: Top Reasons for Choosing Granite Bathroom Worktops
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