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by on September 24, 2018
Microsoft has added a lot of new features and settings in its operating system. Windows 10 is the unique and most advanced Windows as compared to its other versions. Microsoft has added a new option in the Settings panel called Gaming under which a new function is located. Game Mode is an option which helps the user to revamp the system according to the requirements of a game. It helps to run the game smoothly on the computer. The gamers can use the resources of the computer by using the Game Mode to achieve a great experience of gaming on their system. But there is a disadvantage of this beautiful feature offered in the Windows system. The disadvantage is that the computer will eat up a high CPU or GPU usage to run a game. The unwanted process will automatically be closed or stopped until the game is running in the system. The unwanted process refers to the random scans by Antivirus, etc. which might be helpful sometimes, while the user is busy doing other tasks on the computer. If the system has turned off these unwanted processes, it could get in the range of risks and problems that might frustrate you while resolving. So what will you do to prevent the situation? Well, if you are disabling the game mode will be a solution in this scenario, so if you don’t know how to enable or disable the Game Mode, then follow the steps mentioned below. How to disable or enable the Game Mode in Windows 10 Press Windows key + I and open the Settings app of Windows. Now, you will an option called Gaming. Go to the option and click to open it up. Now, select Game Mode from the left window pane. You can see the toggle button under Use Game Mode in the right pane. Now, you can turn on or off the Game Mode in your Windows 10 computer system. Now run any game on the computer. Press Windows key + G key combination to display the game bar. Now, click the gear icon in the game bar. Click the General tab and check mark Use Game Mode for this game. Game Mode will turn on for this particular game. If you wish to disable the Game Mode, then deselect Use Game Mode for this game. Now, you have learned to activate and deactivate the Game Mode in the Windows 10 system, you can easily turn on Game Mode while playing a particular game and when you are done with the playing it, disable the Game Mode to prevent the CPU usage and resume the temporarily stopped processes. Jack Tucker is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry from last 10 year. As a technical expert, he has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as Source :
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