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by on October 1, 2018

What is PCT?

PCT or post cycle therapy which is a mechanism utilized by steroid user to aid in recovery when coming off an anabolic steroid cycle. It indulges various techniques and supplements designed to help with recovery process both physically and mentally. There are basically two phases in the PCT where first one is boosting the levels of testosterone and next is controlling the levels if estrogen in the body. These two level needs to be controlled as most of the time body’s enzyme aromatize the produced testosterone into estrogen.

Why do you need PCT post steroid cycle?

Regardless of oral or injectable, while using an anabolic steroid, your body senses the anabolic steroid and stops the production of natural testosterone. Sudden drop in the testosterone level in the body leads to following symptoms: • Loss of libido • Drive and energy loss • Reduced self-esteem and well being • Erectile dysfunction • Infertility • Lack of muscle mass development

What to Expect From PCT?

After following a successful PCT at the end of steroid cycle, there are following things that you can expect are: • PCT preserves your gains – it maintains all muscles you have gained and preserves all your hard work. • Regulates the cortisol levels – PCT reduces the cortisol level after the steroid cycle, back to its normal acceptable level faster. • Begins natural production of testosterone – PCT will help you restart the natural production of testosterone at much faster rate helping your body to get back to normalization. • Restores health – due to vigorous strain on the body during cycle, body needs to get swift recovery. This is why it is important to restore health because healthy body will recover faster. • Increases your strength – after a vigorous workout, your body loses some strength. Following PCT after any steroid cycle, recovery is fast and you regain your strength.

Crazy Bulk PCT

There is best option that you can go for successful PCT is PCT Crazy Bulk. Apart from offering various legal steroids for bodybuilding, Crazy Bulk also offers PCT supplement which is completely new in the market but as effective as its other legal steroids. Despite being new product in the market, it has thousands of happy customers. This supplement does all the work what a post cycle therapy does. It is all-in-all solution which detoxes your body, cleanses all the toxins out of your body, combats oxidative stress and eliminates the production of destructive free radicals out of your body. It is designed to be used with Crazy Bulk steroids. It is 100% natural, safe and effective supplement. It not just relaxes your body after steroid cycle but also preserve your hard gains and enhances the results you have gained after spending so long time.
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