Alisha Sharma
by on October 6, 2018
For any business, having a buttressed relationship with customers is paramount. This is so because business growth heavily relies on how much the customer base is stronger. The door of success will be opened if customers start promoting the business. The primary reason behind that is happy customers often bring more patrons for the business. In order to keep customers happy, most of the organizations opt for BPO call center services. BPO companies always keep customers satisfied by providing immaculate support service. The BPO firms have the capability of transforming customers into brand promoters by taking the following ways into the consideration. 1. Give personalized solutions To get more brand promoters, it is vital for BPO companies to provide solutions with the touch of personalization as it makes a positive impact on customers. As a result, the CSAT score would be elevated. Providing personalized resolutions is prominent to increase the positive word-of-mouth publicity in a jiffy. Here are some tips that would make BPO call center services more preferable: • Decrease the average hold time. • Make FCR (first contact resolution) the top priority. • Provide reliable self-service option as 65% of customers expect it from the companies. • Integrate the CRM system with all the support service channels for the prompt deliverance of solutions. • Use WFM software to ensure that the required number of agents is available. 2. Learn from customers’ complaints Usually, it is believed that only loyal and satisfied customers could be turned into brand advocates, and somewhere it is true. But, this doesn’t mean that peeved customers should be overlooked. Bill Gates, the business tycoon, once had said that “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Therefore, it is highly suggested for BPO firms to try to learn from customers’ complaints to weed out the hidden errors of support service interactions. Of course, we aren’t underestimating the value of customers’ positive reviews as these also help to reinforce the quality of support service. But, the significance of negative reviews is higher because they can tell about those factors that are affecting the brand image. In short, BPO firms should try to make disgruntled customers happy in order to increase the percentage of brand promoters. 3. Monitor the agents’ performance In the business world, the thing that matters most is ‘Trust.’ However, a blind trust can take the business towards the downfall. Therefore, it is vitally important for BPO firms to monitor their support agents’ performance on the regular basis. Of course, we aren’t suggesting to doubt top-performing agents’ loyalty. All we want to say is the performance of newly joined agents should be checked regularly because they sometimes get careless during the customer interaction, which consequently, brings the CX levels down. All in all, it is imperative to ensure that all agents give their best as that’s how customers could be transformed into brand advocates.
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