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by on October 6, 2018

Would you believe if someone says that in a relationship intimacy can be maintained without having sex? You would probably think for a couple of minutes before giving an answer. And the time you have taken for thinking is the clear indication that somewhere deep in your heart, you also believe the fact. Indubitably, sex is important for maintaining intimacy in a relationship but there are other non-sexual ways as well which keep you connected with your partner emotionally as well as physically.

  • Cuddle your Partner – Without taking off your clothes, cuddling fosters intimacy and keeps you connected with your partner.This can be done by holding your partner’s hand while taking stroll during evening or night, bringing your partner close to your body by wrapping your arms around her waist or shoulder. Kissing is another great way to keep an element of physical closeness in your relationship.Kiss your partner on her lips, cheeks, hand and other parts of the body. Scientifically, it has been proven that cuddling and kissing increase serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine in the body which ensure better sleep, improve immunity and reduce stress.

  • Include Physical Touch – It is believed that touching your partner physically is the first indication showing your desire to indulge in a sexual intercourse. However, if the touch is not done at erogenous zone, it helps in connecting at emotional level. Surprise your partner by running your hands through her hair. Hug your partner when she goes to office or returns to home. Many times, hugging does not come to the mind naturally, therefore there is no harm in asking for it directly as it reduces anxiety and builds strong bonds.

  • Give Body Massage – Although, body massage acts as a great sex initiator, it brings moments of physical intimacy between partners without indulging in the main action. Massages with aromatic oil relax both the mind and the body and helps in sound sleep. Some couples prefer body massage before bed and many love to enjoy it before bath.

  • Keep Communicating – Communication is one of the main pillars of physical intimacy. So what if you are not making out today, discussing high points of yesterday’s make-out session is an excellent way to relive those moments. With communication, listening follows. It is not necessary that you always remain at communicator’s end. This time, give undivided attention to your partner by listening him actively. Maintain eye contact with him; keep doing naughty acts like touching his hairs, kissing his cheeks, etc. It may happen that your partner is unable to read mind sometimes, so do not hesitate in discussing about your emotional and physical desires. Communicating with your partner on a regular basis leads to better and satisfying sex the next time.

  • Communicate with Eyes – Staring at each other for four to five minutes in a stretch is a sign of love and trust. Before initiating any discussion, sit across and gaze at each other. Try using eye language to communicate unsaid words. Believe it, locking eyes is one of those moments which reflect passion, love and feeling of belongingness.

Sexual intimacy takes places when both the partners are madly in love with each other. If you do not find much time for physical intimacy, try aforementioned measures. These ways will definitely keep you connected with your partner physically and emotionally today and always.

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