Alisha Sharma
by on October 6, 2018
With technological advancements, the mannerism in which people used to buy art has transited from the conventional state to modern ways. There is no requirement for art aficionados to roam from one art gallery (brick & mortar) to another in pursuit of impeccable artworks. Today, you can comfortably sit in your home, have a cup of coffee and explore the exquisite paintings on your laptop or mobile phone. The world has transformed and art lovers prefer to purchase art online. Stats tell us that out of the total artwork sold, around 40% were purchased online. With social media taking over the business world in style, it is becoming quite impossible for the artists to overlook the importance technology is playing. Along with art aficionados, artists have also benefited a lot from the internet. They can make their unique and artistic pages on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest and attract a crowd or they can simply open a virtual shop of paintings on daises such as Etsy and Artsy or they can submit their work on prominent online art galleries to reach the buyers. But amidst all these benefits, art lovers sometimes get confused about the purchase process of the online art world. Through this article, I will try to offer you some useful tips that could help the art lovers to acquire astonishing paintings online without paying a hefty capital. Know the artists Before you are planning to purchase an artwork online, try to gather the information about the artist. The more you get closer to an artist, his journey, his inspiration, his background, the more you will be able to understand the artwork. When looking for affordable art on a website or online gallery, check the artist’s section to know more about the people who craft such impeccable pieces. Do not rush It is true that the online shopping is popular because it saves time or in other words, it is quite speedy. But, it is recommended for the art lovers to do a thorough research on the platforms artworks, and the artist prior to making a purchase. Remember there are numerous online art galleries and websites that are claiming to offer the best artworks, but that’s not true in reality. A wise art aficionado will ensure to first gather all the aspects related to the art galleries such as year of establishment, social media presence, their testimonials, and their repute. Along with this, comparing the cost of different art websites would offer a clearer perspective because different platforms have varied prices. If you do not have thousands of dollars to spend on an artwork, you can contact the artists directly on Instagram. This image-sharing platform holds a humungous crowd of artists with each one having their own stupendous profiles. There are a lot of emerging artists who only use Instagram to promote and exhibit their work. Seek such artists to get some impressive paintings without spending too much. In a nutshell, make sure to take time and do not make the mistake of rushing into the purchase process. Keep in mind the interior décor of your home Paintings are meant to provide a serene and a calm feel to the entire aura of a room. People look for affordable artworks so that they can beautify their room with an impressive outlook. So, it becomes quintessential to purchase the art considering the interior of your home. Be creative and be experimental. Do not shy to place a traditional painting in a fully modern interior. These sorts of out-of-the-box ideas can really spruce up the entire aura of your room with quirkiness and grace. Look out for the aspects of your room Always consider the space you have available in your room before purchasing a painting. A big painting would not fit ideally in a room that is small. Similarly, if your room has insufficient light passage, purchasing a colourful and bright artwork makes more sense. Along with this, if you have other paintings in your room, try to match the theme or try to compliment the voice of that space. Following these steps won’t just provide you a golden opportunity to get an affordable art but also offers the intellect to choose the correct artwork. Thanks!
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