Vaishali Gopi
by on October 17, 2018
If you look at the current business scenario, you will observe that every industry or field is changing quite rapidly. In fact, changes indicate that industries are growing. Even in the case of the IT service management or ITSM field, it is constantly evolving because technology is changing at a very fast pace. Therefore, providers of IT management services are also trying to adapt to the changes because otherwise, their growth will be hampered and their competitors will outsmart them. Businesses try to adopt a flexible approach as well for accommodating these rapid changes within their systems. Even leading organizations put in place appropriate support as well as service practices that are completely in alignment with the rapidly changing business needs. If you own an IT management services providing company, you will also be eager to use the right ITSM tools that go well with the changing needs of your industry and your customers. Of course, this is an ongoing process because the technology that is ruling the roost now may have vanished from the scene or may have undergone the complete transformation next year. This means that you should continuously try to modernize your ITSM systems. In this context, you must know how you should go about the task of modernizing ITSM in your company. Once you change your mindset and be committed to implementing this step, you and your staff will be able to devote more time on more complex tasks like marketing your products or services in a better manner, expanding your customer base, and devising and implementing strategies for retaining the loyalty of customers. Let us now look at the 5 ways with which you can modernize ITSM in your company. Of course, the ways suggested here are not technical but they are common-sense tips that can vastly improve the chances of success for your efforts to modernize ITSM in your company. 1. Knowledge sharing can be the key for modernizing ITSM in your company. There are a number of sources from which you can extract updated information and knowledge. If you facilitate sharing of knowledge among your employees and also impart appropriate training to your team members, you can easily achieve your aim of modernizing ITSM of your company. You have to look inside your company as well as outside it for gaining knowledge and information. Your employees themselves can be a great source of knowledge. That is the reason you are advised to have brain-storming sessions on a regular basis so you can have plenty of creative ideas. Similarly, you should utilize the right external sources for getting the information you require. You can use the most appropriate ideas for modernizing ITSM and for choosing the right ITSM software that perfectly suits your business. 2. Focus, focus, focus. If you use your resources with laser-like focus, you will be able to build what is known as a mind-map for improving and modernizing ITSM in your company. You will be able to find out the areas where you can improve also. You may say that you cannot devote separate time for this exercise because you are very busy with various other tasks that include marketing of your products or services, devising strategies for beating the competition, and so on. But this is an unjustifiable excuse. Since your aim is to modernize ITSM of your company and choose appropriate ITSM tools, you have to steal time and allot dedicated time-slot for this. 3. Modernizing ITSM of your company involves motivating your team members. You should ensure to keep the motivation levels of your team members high and intact. In fact, experts suggest that you have to individualize your motivational strategies. This means that your strategies should be based on the persona of each individual employee. Only then, you can get optimum cooperation and support from them for carrying out the process of modernizing ITSM of your company. If you are not able to devise such individualized strategies, you must smartly create segments of employees so you can come up with strategies that suit each segment. When your team members do a particular task splendidly, you must ensure that your in-house magazine or newsletter brings out a news story about it. If you do not have any such magazine or newsletter, you can spread the news through your social media accounts. This will immensely motivate your team members and they will be inspired to try to better their performance. This will ultimately help you in quickly completing the modernization process of ITSM of your company. 4. Have all the details before embarking upon the process. You should have all the details of the technology services of your company and the costs involved in putting them in place. You must also know the revenue potential of these services. You may ask how these details will help in modernizing ITSM of your company. The fact is that these details will especially help you plan as to how to choose the right ITSM tools that suit your company. The benefits of ITSM is that once you start using them, you will find that you are able to render better services to your clients. 5. Be ready to adopt the technology. Though Information Technology and ITSM are considered modern concepts, a number of employees in IT departments are not good at embracing and adopting new technology. You must therefore train these employees suitably so they readily adopt new technologies and lead from the front. In other words, you must ensure that your company makes use of all the latest technologies such as automation and Artificial Intelligence. Once you inspire your employees to fall in line with your vision, you can be certain that the modernization process of ITSM in your company will become smooth and hassle-free. If you take all these steps simultaneously, you can be very much sure that the result will be much more in value than the sum of the efforts you put in for implementing these steps.
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