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by on October 24, 2018
History of Apple Logo Design You may see this logo more times on the back side of the mac or else iPhone. This sign describes the tribute the Alan Turing, a man who laid in this foundations for the present-day computer. To research it into the artificial intelligence and also unlocked in wartime codes. The Steve Jobs and his friend looking into the logo from the brand latest computer company. Remembering Turing into this contribution to that field. So that they will choose an apple logo. Why did Steve Jobs Select the Apple Logo? The apple's first logo was designed in the year 1976 by Ronald Wayne. This logo describes the Isaac Newton sitting under the tree and the apple may dangling above the head. The Steve jobs graphic designer Rob Jan off said something different and more modern. So bite in the apple logo lent itself play on the words like Bite or Byte it represents the professional company. First Apple Logo Design in the Year 1976 The apple's first logo represents the quite complicated for the designers. The most famous story is discovering the gravity when Newton sitting under the tree and that the apple falls on his head. But Steve’s not satisfied that logo he wants to change some better design. Why Steve Jobs Selected Rainbow Colored Apple Logo in 1976 - 1998? The Steve jobs are not satisfied in his first logo design so that he wants to change the more artistic and compelling. This logo designs used to apple that was bitten from the right side. Rainbow colors describe the user-friendly. This logo remains the brand identity for more than two decades. The Monochrome Apple Logo Design in the Year 1998 to 2000 In that year Steve jobs will rejoin the company after twelve years. He decides to rebrand the company, so he planned iMacs or the new packages of products changing all the personality of the apple. The rainbow color logo looks it absurd in that cases so that he changed solid color logo may complement a metallic casing. Acquire more details about Logo Designs at EiBS Global.
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