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by on November 5, 2018

Cortisol, a steroid hormone released by the adrenal gland, is responsible for many actions in the body, including immune response, metabolism, and a recognizable role in responding to stress. Also, it needed for the “fight and flight” response – a natural response when there is a possible threat.

Naturally, when a person is facing stressful events, the pituitary gland reacts, sending signal to the adrenal gland, commanding it to produce the right amount of cortisol throughout the body; however, when a person is in constant high-stress mode, the adrenal gland works non-stop to produce large amount of stress hormone, which is not normal. According to the experts, too much production of cortisol can cause harmful effects to the body such as:

•    Experiencing adrenal fatigue
•    Gaining weight
•    The weakening of the immune system
•    Irregular menstrual periods
•    Acne
•    Easy bruising
•    Body malaise
•    Severe fatigue
•    High blood
•    A constant headache and stomach pain
•    Irritable
•    Difficulties in staying focused
•    Brain fog
•    Insomnia

More than that, high production of cortisol may cause Cushing syndrome, infertility, chronic fatigue, immune system disorders, thyroid disorders, and in often cases, mental disorders.

If you want to be productive in a healthier way, you have to balance your cortisol level, and here are the top ways to do that:

1.    Convert to an anti-inflammatory diet

An increased level of cortisol may lead to an increased level of sugar in the blood, causing weight gain and diabetes; converting to an anti-inflammatory will help keep your sugar level balanced and so does your cortisol level.

2.    Take adaptogen supplements

Adaptogens are effective when combating stress and supporting the adrenal health. At this source, you will find the best adaptogen supplements in the market today that will help balance the production of cortisol.

For more information, here are some of the popular adaptogenic herbs that are present in most adaptogen supplements today:

•    Ashwagandha

The traditional and important herb in Ayurvedic medicine is proven to have multiple health benefits, including combating stress, reduce anxiety, and help fight the development of depression. Additionally, ashwagandha is a potent herb that helps reduce and balances the cortisol level.

•    Rhodiola Rosea

One of the effective adaptogenic herbs in Ayurvedic medicine is the Rhodiola; it is proven to boost the body’s resistance to stress and overall balance including the stress hormones. Also, it helps reduce burn-out and mental fatigue.

•    Holy Basil

Another popular Ayurvedic medicine, known for being an “elixir of anti-aging”, is proven effective in fighting stress and fatigue. Also, it helps balance the production of the cortisol level in the body, most especially supports the adrenal health.

There are more potent and effective adaptogenic herbs that are found here if you want to know more of these.

3.    Have a healthy and active lifestyle

Stay a healthy and active lifestyle; exercise regularly, get a complete 8 hours of sleep, expose yourself to natural light, socialize with your friends, and pamper yourself with massage.

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