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by on November 6, 2018
Are the Procedures Similar? Both tummy tuck and liposuction for the abdomen area aim at contouring the midsection of the body. For both of procedures, the surgeon makes the abdomen smaller, tighter, and flatter during a surgical treatment. Who is a Good Candidate? These treatments seem similar but there are differences and the following are candidates: Liposuction:If just fat deposits need to be removed, this option is better. It is not a weight loss procedure and it is not for obese people. Tummy Tuck:If extra fat and skin need to be removed, this option is better. The people may not choose it if their BMI more than 30, if they have a chronic heart condition, actively trying to lose weight, and need to get pregnant in the future. What is the Procedure Like? Both are surgical, a plastic surgeon performs them, and require general anesthesia: Liposuction: After sedating the patient intravenously, the surgeon will make incisions as per the requirements. The fat will be sucked through a thin tube called cannula. The incisions will be stitched in the end. More than one session might be required. Tummy Tuck: After administering general anesthesia, an incision will be made to make required adjustments. After removing the excess fat and extra skin, the incision site will be stitched carefully. Just one session is enough in this case. What are the Expected Results? The results will be long-lasting only if the patient adopts healthy ways of living. Liposuction: After recovering properly, the person will get a contoured abdomen area. If the patient does not put on weight, the procedure results will not change. Tummy Tuck: After recovering from the side effects, the person will get a balanced abdomen area. Unless the person puts on weight or gets pregnant, the results will remain the same. What are the Possible Complications? These procedures are safe if performed by a seasoned plastic surgeon and if the patient takes care during the recovery period. Liposuction:The normal and rare side effects and risks are enlisted below: Infection Numbness Fat embolism Fluid accumulation Contour irregularities Internal organ puncture Tummy Tuck:The normal and rare side effects and risk are enlisted below: Infections Complication Tissue necrosis Fluid accumulation Changes in sensation What’s the Recovery Process Like? Both techniques involve a different recovery phase: Liposuction:The recovery process is different for different people. The patient may experience the followings: A need for a follow-up session. Some swelling in the treatment area. The drainage and bleeding at the incision site. The patient will have to wear a compression garment. Strenuous activities and lifting weight is prohibited for some time. The person will be able to resume routine activities after 48 hours. Tummy Tuck:The patient will wear a surgical dress at the end of the surgery. The patient will be able to walk after one day. Some prescribed medicines must be taken regularly to make the healing process quick. Surgical drains may also be in place for up to two weeks. The initial recovery takes about 6 weeks and the patient will keep visiting the surgeon during this time. Lifting weights and performing strenuous activities is prohibited.
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