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by on November 10, 2018
How to roll up an electric fence? “Electric fences are the fences through which electricity can be passed, giving an electric shock to any person or animal touching it.” Roll up fences is a type of barriers, used to protect anything; it could be anything from homes to industry to cattle farms. As the name suggests it is a fence with electricity or electric wires. Electric fences are the best solution to protect yours belongs from unnecessary intruders. Electric fence comprises Energizer, lives wires posts and earth to complete the circuit. The fence is embedded the area that needs to be protected, then the one end of the fence is connected to the energizer. Energizer is the circuit board that conducts the electricity to the fence. Only one wire of the fence has connected the energizer and the other end is left free. One wire from the energizer has connected the earth to complete the circuit. Once an animal or person get in contact with the fence the circuit of is completed and ultimately the intruder gets the shock and gets muscle contraction. Is it really dangerous? Yes, the shock produced by an electric fence is pretty severe. Despite being a fence connected to electricity but these fences are designed in such a way that they do not pass the input voltage as it is. Although complete 220 Volts input through it, it only emits current as low as 120 milliamps. This can’t even kill a squirrel. This fence can give a muscle cramp to a human or to animals like a dog. But it can definitely not kill any animal or human. Still, it can harm and effect for approximately 10 – 15 minutes, but it will not kill or leave a mark or burn the person who comes in contact with the fence. The purpose of this fence is to alarm and alter the intruder; either it is a person or an animal. Animals usually get scared by the sudden shock and runway from your boundary, which is the basic purpose of this fence. But it is also used to prevent intruder to enter any premises. Either it is an industry, factory, home or maybe a farm. Is it safe for a child to touch it? If a child touches the fence then definitely they will get an electric shock but this will not kill the child as the current passing through the fence is very low voltage and low amp current. This shock will remain and keep its effect for about 10 – 15 minutes but eventually, it will stop hurting. This can vary according to various conditions, although it is very low voltage current it is not recommended for a child or even for an adult to the touch a live electric fence consciously. Touching the live wire will resultant in a pain. If you are willing to bear the pain then go for it. But if you are a sane person you would never do such an act. How to install an electric fence? It is very easy to install an electric fence. It is a do it yourself. You just have to place the polls into the ground. But it is always recommended that before you do anything yourself, you just have to make sure that you are doing it right. The Internet is filled with the material to help you out with how to install an electric fence. There are some points that need to be considered while installing the fence: like the placement of the polls should be in such a way that live wire and ground should make a complete circuit so that the intruder gets a shock. And also even how to place the ground. The live wire should not touch another live wire so that the circuit is not completed. The circuit should only be completed once the anything comes in contact with the fence and as any living body is a conductor, it completes the circuit of fence and should get a shock. Best Roll up electric fence using methods? Now the topic, it is very difficult to roll up any fence either it is an electric one or a simple one. Because once you try to roll it normally you end up tangling the whole fence. And then when you try to unroll it, and it is completely a mess. Like headphones! Yes, headphone! Isn’t irritating that you put your headphones in your pocket your bag untangled and when you take is it completely a mess. If you fold your headphones properly, even they won’t get tangled. Now when you are rolling up your fence make sure that you are one by one collecting all the polls connecting the fence and all the loose fence is on the other side. Place the fence on the ground and roll the loose fence towards the polls and that how you would easily fold your fence. Moreover, you can find all related items to industry on Omegaindl in cheap price.
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