Vaishali Gopi
by on November 15, 2018
Many hold the opinion that in this day and age of booming social media and live chatting apps, forums are past their peak days. However they still remain extremely viable options for engaging consumers, providing them with information and building a community based on common interest or to generate brand royalty. If your forum is inactive and steadily losing members don’t lose hope. It can be resurrected and made strong and thriving once again. There are simple steps which can bring your forum from virtual death and keep it buzzing. You can take all of them on your own, without external help, as they say , self service portal is the best service. Analyze the Shortcomings: First analyze what made your forum go inactive in the first place. Was it irregularity of posts? Was it lack of careful moderation. Was it not adding enough members? Whatever it was analyzing the root cause will keep the mistake from recurring again. It will help you not only in reviving your dormant forum but to keep it active and running in the days to come as well. Plan a Series of Announcements: Once you have identified the primary and secondary causes of why your forum went inactive in the first place, the next step is creating hype around the revival of the forum and fixing a definite date for it. Properly scheduled announcements of the something better and bigger happening in the forum, namely the revival itself ,will garner attention of the members and create a feeling of excitement and anticipation within the forum and in the community. Keep Updating: If your forum has been inactive for over a period of time chances are that the definition of the “in thing” has changed in the ever changing digital world. Of course you cannot veer too far off the main agenda but some updates may help to attract old members. A new and more attractive look and feel may put the much needed life blood back into your forum. Studies reveal that about 59% of the users engage with beautifully styled content rather that simple content displayed in a basic manner. Collect Regular Feedbacks: After the big official revival day and updating your forum to your satisfaction, keep taking regular feedbacks from your members. They are the community which keeps the forum active. Gathering a fair idea of the flaws and assets of your program will help you build a knowledge base and let you provide better customer support. The more interactive and user friendly a forum is the more chances of it gaining popularity and retaining it over a period of time. Special Features: Special features are like bonus points, everybody loves them. Do a little research and add some new service oriented features to your forum. Make sure you inform all your members, active or inactive, about all the beautiful new features to spike their interest and make them regulars in your forum once again. Categorize your Topics: In order to organize your forum and making relevant information easier to find, categorize all the information you provide in the forum. Make different categories for different sort of information and then name and add relevant topics underneath them. This will not only help the consumers in obtaining the information ,they were looking for easily but also help you keep a stock of all the information provided, at a glance. Stop the Spam: Many forums face the problems of spamming in the contents. No one likes to see a lot of spamming in the middle of some important information. Make your forum smart, engaging and easily accessible by removing spams as soon as they appear. You can also use new guidelines to inform users that strict measures shall be taken against the spammers. This will make them aware of the fact that your taking the problem of spamming quite seriously and make them cautious of doing it on your forum. Regular Newsletter: Create a regular periodic newsletter informing the users about the top topics of that period and ranking the most popular ones. This way you have built another channel of communicating with your consumer base and made sure that regular users never miss another bit of important information or update on the forum. Content, Content and More Content: Content of the forum is what makes it or breaks it. Regularly post relevant content and content which is exciting and attractive to your consumer base, as well. Share various relevant news and sets of information. This is the main purpose of creating a forum in the first place, to provide and share content or to start a discussion on a set of topics. Encourage Exchange: A forum is basically a page where relevant information and important ideas are exchanged. In order to felicitate this process further encourage link exchange and post exchange and any other form of exchange as well. This will add a little to your workload as an admin of the forum but keep your forum active and the users engaged. You could also tie up some of the information you share with any ongoing contests or promotions that may be happening on your forum at that time. The job of a forum admin is a hard one but by following some basic steps you could revive a dead forum have it up and running in no time.
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