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by on November 19, 2018
In The Indian Bong market, the biggest question that is going on right now is to perc or not to perc! Percolators are a very difficult word for one to understand, So we thought of breaking down what does percolator mean and what does percolator do. So percolator means a popular dance that no part is complete without, in order to percolate you must groove your legs in time with the music. Haha, Yes that’s what percolator actually means but according to our need percolator are different types of glassware attached to the bong with one basic function which is to break down the smoke and filter it through the water to give it a cooler effect which means more smoke to taste! There are Different Types of Percolator Bongs present in the market, let’s learn about them which will give us a better idea about them and it will also make thing more clear- Vertical Downstem/Shooter Percolator 1- Vertical Downstem/Shooter - The basic percolator design is vertical shooter percolator, this is not a very complicated design but it does the basic job of cooling down the smoke making it much more smoother and light, The downstem, and shooter in this type of percolators are removable. Get Downstem Percolator Bong Here! Tree Percolator Bong 2- Tree Percolators – Tree percolators are small vertical tubes slit together to filter down the smoke! The basic idea of tree percolators is the more the number of vertical tubes more it will filter down the smoke and will make it smoother. Turbine Percolator Bong 3- Turbine Percolators – The most exquisite design percolator is the turbine percolators, it not just only show off your favorite glass, the angle angled slits in the main chamber create a swirl with water that extends to the next chamber resulting in cooling down the smoke and diffusing it while you show off your glass piece Barrel Percolator Bong 4- Barrel Percolators – Barrel percolators have a cylindrical design with gridded incise that make them look like a barrel. Barrel percolators make a greater diffusion and generally have more holes than any normal percs. Barrels percs usually in an upright position but it can also be turned sideways in bongs connecting directly to the downstem. Get Barrel Percolator from here Inline percolator Bong 5- Inline Percolators – In Line percolators are generally an extension of the downstem/shooters, In Inline percs the extended downstem/shooters have holes or slits facing downwards or the side sometimes, it diverts the water downwards or into the side of the percolators, inline percolators also keep water from shooting too far up of the bong. Get Inline Percolator Bong Here! Cross Percolator Bong 6- Cross Percolators – Cross perc comes with a combination of inline percolators the only difference is that the inline percolators are upright on this one and there are cross shape tubes attached with the inline downstem of the percolator, cross percolators are known to engage airflow and avoid the splashback of the water Get Cross Percolator from here! Sprinkler Percolator Bong 7- Sprinkler Percolator- Sprinkler percolator are also known as shower percolator in India, Sprinkler Percolators are much like tree percolators, just like a tree percs the tubes are extended upwards and each of that extended tube has a hole at the end, which makes diffusing the smoke much easier and it gives a perfect look to your glass piece too. Inset Percolator Bongs 8- Inset Percolators- Inset percolator in your favorite glass piece, It contains a chamber with honeycomb percolators inside it and then there is one another chamber with the honeycomb perc inside it, that makes inset percolator as there is a chamber inside of a chamber, Dang it right? Showerhead Percolator Bong 9- Showerhead percolators- Showerhead percolators is a mixture of barrel perc and the turbine perc, It contains the disc of the turbine perc and holes like the barrel percolator, this design works to push the smoke through the tiny hole whiles also reducing the drag of the bong. So now you know about percolators and different types of it, You can easily choose your glass piece based on the information provided above, btw you also know the perfect Headshop to buy bongs online right?
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