Daniela Powell
by on November 21, 2018

Unlike many metropolitan areas in California popular with tourists, Santa Maria is a paradise that has not been fully influenced by people. Located at the coastline, it still features tidy sand dunes and a breathtaking view of the mountains. The town is not big but it offers great facilities for its residents, so many US people move here in search of a tranquil and measured life. You need to be prepared for the arrival in the new town and these 5 things will help you to be acquainted with Santa Maria closer.

Unbelievable nature and climate

The beneficial coastal location of the town influences not only the flora and fauna characteristic of this region but also the climate. This lower area can hardly ever see snow, only in the mountains sometimes. In general, the climate is full of sun and windy, often misty.

Nature is rather various thanks to the mountains, forest, and the oceanic coast, so there is always a fresh air and unforgettable scenery in spite of the season.


The town is suitable for families with children as there are 3 public and 4 private schools. There are almost 14 thousand students studying there and the education they get is a high-quality one. There are also two colleges one of which is considered one of the best higher educational institutions in California.

Moving costs

Of course, if you plan to move to this beautiful town, first you should find a professional moving company or give yourself a plenty of time to arrange relocation. Just remember to compare all the local quotes in Santa Maria, because usually, local movers are cheaper than those in big and popular cities.

Employment and economy

The biggest number of town population work to a middle-class. There are about 100 thousand people living in the town today and many of them are employed in retail and agriculture. Together with the finest grapes grown for wine, the citizens grow many other fruits and vegetables as well as keep cattle. However, the other well-developed industries are oil production, military service and manufacture, education and aerospace.

Culture and traditions

Santa Maria is famous for its wines, so do not miss a chance to visit Presqu'ile or Rancho Sisquoc wineries. Another direction the town is famous for is theatre and arts developed in the local college.

Places to visit and leisure activities

Apart from the eye-catching coastline and sea activities, the town has several beautiful parks with sports courts, fields, playgrounds etc.

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