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by on November 21, 2018
Prior Authorization, as practiced by the Prior Auth Online, the premiere pre-auth practice management organization in the USA, holds a prominent step in the medical billing industry of the nation. The initial process that ensures the insurability of the claim by checking the clauses of the policy with that of the claim components is no doubt the reason behind the success or failure of the RCM process. Thus entrusting the same in the hands of a trusted firm, deft in handling the prior auth profiles of an eclectic mix of medical clients is important.

Prior Auth Online follows the following steps in executing its prior authorization procedure.

• Authorization Initiation Calling up the insurance service provider to know about the authorization filing procedure and turnaround time Collecting the prior auth form and other relevant medical documents Submission of the authorization request along with the relevant documents as required Tacking of the receipts • Authorization follow up Means calling and coordinating with the payer to check the status of the pre-auth request as per the turnaround time protocol of the payer and also sharing the additional notes as asked for • Acknowledgment of the Authorization Request Updating the final information in the provider’s system mentioning either acceptance or denial of the request along with the service information like the start and the end date of the request period etc. In the absence of Prior Authorization Revenue Cycle Management will be convoluted, time-consuming and often in vain apart from the making the doctor patient-professional relationship dogged with suspicion and differences.

The highlights of our system which makes our Prior Authorization Services special are as follows.

• A comprehensive range of solutions like request, follow up, approval • 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance • Turnaround time less than 48 hours • Low service fees with no hidden cost • Zero locks up service period that can be canceled at any time • The string of stellar references across the states • Real-time audits and custom reporting • Excellent visibility and proven expertise
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