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by on November 26, 2018

Before we discuss the possibility of disposing of Green Waste in a skip bin, let’s first understand what it is? In a nutshell, green waste is anything which is biodegradable in nature and green in color. Grass, flowers, leaves and cuttings, limbs, hedge trimmings, vegetables, and fruits; all fall under this category. It could be a domestic waste or commercial waste. When people perform trimming of plants, a huge amount of green waste is generated. Landscaping or revamping a garden also creates heaps of green waste. It becomes a matter of concern for everyone. What to do with such a huge waste? Is it right to launch an in-house plant for waste recycling? Or to skip hire Adelaide service and transfer the responsibility on their shoulders? Even if you do it, will the skip bin service take the green waste, or you will have to hire some special services?

What Will The Skip Bin Service Permit Under ‘Green Waste’?

Before you assign the task of waste removal to a skip bin service, you must discuss the rules for green disposal. Every bin service provider will have different rules. Green waste & Soil If you have a big garden, then you will generate enormous quantities of soil and green waste. Grass, leaves, branches and garden soil are the examples. Your skip bin provider may consider all this waste material and arrange the periodic movement of the skip bin. The size of bins should be larger than the normal bins because the volume of the garden waste is more than other types of wastes. Segregate Green & Non-Green Wastes It is crucial to segregate the Green waste and other waste before you store into the bin. The skip bin hire service will take the waste in suitable bins. If it gives different bins for green & non-green waste, then you should use the right bin for the right thing. What about metal, concrete or wood? AS mentioned earlier, this waste is stored separately and disposed of separately. At the garbage disposal unit, the non-green waste is further divided into separate bins. Consume The Green Waste in Your Garden Alone If the amount of green waste is not enormous, then you can make use of it in the garden itself. Make compost from it and use in the garden. If prepared scientifically, you can convert the whole pile of green waste into good-quality compost.
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