Vaishali Gopi
by on November 27, 2018
Most businesses adopt a customer mindset, whereby they focus all their activities on the customer and work towards meeting all the requirements of the customer. Educational institutes, including schools, have a different system, where most of them do not consider the student as a customer. But there are many reasons which make it imperative for educational institutions to adopt a customer mindset. Let us first examine, who are the customers for a school. The customer is not only the student but also includes the parents and guardians and even society at large can be considered as a customer, as students after completing their education contribute to society. Adopting a customer mindset implies that the school, college or university needs to keep in mind the requirements of students, parents, and society while planning the delivery of courses. The institutions should focus themselves on ensuring that all the requirements of the customers are met by the time, the student completes his education and leaves the institution. Customer mindset also involves focusing on customer service, where the objective is to provide world class service to the students by teaching and non-teaching staff, who are considered as customer service representatives in this context. What are the reasons that would compel and educational institution to adopt a customer mindset? Let us look at ten of them. 1. Competition Competition exists everywhere, including in education. There are a large number of schools, colleges, and universities. Just like a business has to go the extra mile to beat the competition; similarly, educational institutions have to focus on customers if they want to be the preferred choice of students and parents. 2. Customers need service in every business Every organization needs to provide service to its customers. Customer service skills are needed in every type of organization, including schools. Educational institutions need to train their staff on being more customer-friendly, so they can make the students at ease and focus on providing quality learning. 3. Customer mindset and quality Quality is very important in today’s world. People realize the importance of quality and demand that the organizations they deal with follow quality. All quality norms, including ISO 9001 focus mainly on the customer. Adopting a customer mindset is the first pre-requisite to maintain quality in an organization. 4. Customer mindset ensures better performance Performance matters in every organization. Educational institutions also want their teachers to perform well. This is more important because the teacher’s performance has a direct bearing on student performance. Adopting a customer mindset is needed so faculty members can understand their role in shaping the future of students. 5. Helps to achieve world-class status If an institution wants to be world class and stand out as a premier institution in the world, then adopting a customer mindset plays a significant role. This helps staff improve their customer service skills and provide quality service (teaching and support services) to students, which in turn improves their performance and helps the institution to grow. 6. Get more revenue and funding Money matters everywhere, including in the education sector. Educational institutions need funding. Government and other organizations would provide funding to those institutions that strive hard to improve their student performance. Adopting a customer mindset makes the institution successful and helps to increase its student enrolment and thus earn more revenue. 7. Helps to engage with society When an educational institution adopts a customer mindset, it would start engaging with society, as society can also be considered to be a customer. Such an engagement would be carried out to understand what society expects from students graduating out of an institution. Engaging with society helps the school to build its brand image in the eye of the public. 8. Marketing outlook in education In order to attract the best students, marketing activities need to be done. Private educational institutions can survive only if they get sufficient admission and fees. Marketing would help in doing so. Adopting a customer mindset helps institutions to market their courses in a systematic way and focus on understanding student needs and fulfilling the needs. 9. Helps to prevent dropouts Every institution faces the problem of dropouts, wherein students leave for various reasons. When students are treated as customers, the institution would leave no stone unturned to prevent them from leaving. This would ensure that schools and colleges try to find out why a student wants to leave and do everything possible to retain them. This is a major benefit for educational institutions adopting a customer mindset. 10. Helps in placements On completion of a course in college or university, the student looks to be placed in a good job and career. Officers of the institution act as customer service representatives and the service they provide here is to train and prepare students for a career and ensure they get placed. When the institution help students get good jobs, it helps to enhance its image. So as we discussed, adopting customer mindset provides numerous benefits for educational institutions. In today’s competitive world, it makes a lot of sense to adopt a customer mindset, which would help educational institutions to excel.
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