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Norton Antivirus provides a platform from where you can manage all your subscriptions, update your profile, change your billings etc. It also provides protection if your device is lost or stolen. You can lock the lost devices remotely. You can also track your device if it’s stolen.

Norton com setup - Creating a backup of your files considered to be a good step as far as a security point of view. Norton Antivirus provides you with an option to change your Norton backup settings. There are several reasons one should change their backup setting. If you want to change your backup to a new disk drive then you need to make some changes in the backup settings. If you want to add some new files or folders to your backup you might need to change the backup settings. In this article, we are focusing on the steps to configure Norton backup settings.

Steps to configure backup setting - Norton com setup

As you know that, backup is one of the things that you should be aware of. If your system has been attacked by malicious software and you are not able to recover your data. In such cases, back appears as a saviour. You should always have a backup of your files and folder. Following are the steps to configure your Norton backup setting:

• First of all, you need to start the Norton application on your computer screen.
• Secondly, you need click on settings option on the Norton window.
• When the setting window opens, you need to select ‘backup settings’ option.
• Afterwards, go to the backup settings window.
• Click on ‘configure’ which is available next to the ‘manage backup’.
• Furthermore, it will open the ‘manage backup settings’ window.
• Go to the ‘What’ tab under the ‘Sources’ option.
• On this page, you can select the drives or folders from where you want to backup files or folders.
• You can also select the categories of files to backup under the ‘File Types’ option.
• You can also uncheck the files that you do not want to back up.
• With the help of ‘Add or Exclude Files and Folders’, you can also add additional files and folders.
• After that, you can click on the ‘Where’ tab to change the new backup destination.
• From the same page, you can change the backup schedule also.
• Finally, you need to click ‘Save Settings’ option and then click on ‘close’ button.
• Congratulations! You have configured your Norton Backup Setting.

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If you find any issue related to Norton or any other antivirus you can call on our toll-free number. Our team of technicians are always there to serve you with your query. They can provide you with the best possible method to resolve your technical issue. You can also contact Norton Support if you want to know more about Norton Antivirus.

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